Thursday, 3 April 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow - Week 14

This week we have had contrasting weather. Saturday and Sunday were lovely sunny days. Then since Monday it has been cold and foggy in the mornings then lovely and sunny again in the afternoon.
On Saturday we spent nearly all day pottering about and playing with the kids, it was lovely.
On Sunday I got probably the best mothers day present ever. I got a beautiful magnolia. This will be a plant that I will always treasure! I have even told the hubby that we are never moving because I am never leaving it. I am going to look forward to watching it grow with the children.
This week has seen the tight buds on the cherry trees begin to release its petals. They have only just started to open but it is such a welcomed sight!
This year's vegetables are coming along nicely and we have sown our first row of potatoes. We will be sowing the next row in a couple of weeks so that we have a continual harvest.
Hubby has just bought some planks of wood for some raised beds so that we can increase what we grow. Our long term aim is to become as self sufficient as we can with vegetables.
This is how our garden has grown this week...

The vegetable part of our garden which is soon
to have more vegetable beds added. Hubby loves
diy and has got some wood coming which he is
going to use to build raised beds.

Fig tree that we bought from the clearance
section. With some TLC this will be a lovely tree.
Fig trees need plenty of room in pots so it may
look lost at he moment but in years to come
it will look at home!

The blossom beginning to come at the
beginning of the week.

Taylor and Isabella inspecting the broccoli.

We were amazed to find some tiny sprouts growing!

Hubby preparing the bed for the first potatoes
with his 3 little helpers!

Joseph spent more time looking for worms
than digging.

My beautiful mothers day present,
a Magnolia!
I have often told hubby how much I love to see
magnolias but they also remind me of my grandad
as he had a big magnolia in his garden and I always
admired it. So this magnolia will grow alongside our
children but will also remind me of my grandad
who is dearly missed.

My magnolia planted, it i near the back
door so there won't be a day that I won't
see it!

Hubby has made this gate to section off the
vegetable and chicken end of the garden.
Now I am able to let the twins out to play
and feel happy that they are not going too far!

The first row of potatoes are in.

We have moved one of the greenhouses down to
the bottom of the garden. This is because my
magnolia has gone where the twins playhouse
was so their house is now where this greenhouse
was. We are going to move the seedlings down
here when they are bigger.

It may have been a dull day but I was pleased
to see that the blossom is starting to bloom.

The sad Forsythia that we bought from the clearance
section last year has started to flower! We were worried
that we had lost it, so we were delighted to see that there
is some new growth coming and a few flowers starting to open!

This is the herb garden that my hubby built.
I have now got a cleared section so I am thinking
about what herbs to add.

My beautiful magnolia in bloom.

Beetroot seedlings.

Cabbage seedlings.

Onions from seed.

We also have a cucumber seeding coming through.
We grew cucumbers for the first time last year and
they were a great success. Fingers crossed they do
as well this year!
I am sharing this post with Mammasaurus How Does Your Garden Grow? pop over and see Mammasaurus' beautiful pictures and see how other bloggers gardens have grown this week.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Please can I have your garden?! I'm a bit envious-all that space, and chickens, oh I'd love a bit more space to have chickens. And the magnolia is beautiful. I'd love a magnolia too-such a beautiful gift. OK, I'll stop gushing now :-)

  2. That magnolia is beautiful. My mum has a huge one in the middle of her garden, and it does look so pretty.

  3. you have lots to tend to! and a magnolia.... how beautiful!

  4. That magnolia is really pretty :) So much happening in your garden and lots of seedlings poking their heads out of the soil! If you want ideas for your herb garden, oregano and thyme are really tasty.

  5. that magnolia is so beautiful… our neighbour's one is in full bloom at the moment and it's just stunning. If we weren't planning to move in a couple of years I would definitely buy one! x

  6. It looks like you have been busy! Such lovely pictures :) x

  7. CABBAGE! Why on earth didn't I think about cabbage - i love it!

    The magnolia is absolutely lovely - what a nice gift :)

    Also - I may pick your brains about when to pop in our seed tatties (and how far between we should leave it before adding more) - we have a border ready but not sure how to keep it going so we have a continuous crop!

    1. Hi, you can buy different potatoes for different seasons. We've just put in the first row of 'earlies' (I think they're earlies the hubby chose them!) When we plant them we do a row of 5 - 6 potatoes then wait 2 weeks before we do another row and keep on like that. Doing it this way prevents all of the potatoes being ready at the same time and some inevitably going to waste. Hope that helps :-)

  8. Oh my goodness you've been so busy! So much to do and yet you've done loads. Magnolia's are fabulous, we have one in the garden - you'll love it. Must be nice the twins are safe now too :)

  9. Your garden is mega, it looks huge! Love the gate separating the different parts of it. You have done so much, I really need to get going.

  10. I want your garden too!I love the little gate fencing off the back section - it really is a great feeling to be able to let the kids run free without feeling like you need to be out there herding them up all the time!
    Loving that magnolia tree- how very thoughtful of your husband, you have a good 'un there :) Fantastic to see the whole family out enjoying the garden too
    Thanks ever so much for joining in and sharing again x

  11. It's great you managed to get out and enjoy the nice weather at the weekend before it turned so awful for the rest of the week! Your magnolia is very pretty.

  12. What a beautiful garden but my goodness you have a LOT to tend to. I would love to have a garden like that.

  13. Magnolias are my favorite tree, but I live in a really windy place and the blooms would be lost in the wind. Your garden looks lovely and large

  14. What a gorgeous garden you've got! Love the magnolia, can almost smell it from here :)

  15. You have a really great space. We would love to grow veg but we kill any plants that come into our garden. Glad you have a good weekend x

  16. I'm having magnolia envy! So beautiful. I hope it gives you years and years of happiness. And if you do ever move you'll just have to dig it up and take it with you!

  17. I do love a good magnolia. This is my favourite time of year, when the cherry blossom and magnolia are just getting thick and lush.

  18. Lovely garden and gorgeous pictures. It sounds like you have been very busy xx

  19. aw the gardens looking great and they are having soo much fun

  20. Awww I am jealous, I must get a magnolia soon, my favourite tree, they get so very large!! Lovely to see your garden and its nice to see it start to blossom.

  21. Wow! What a fantastic garden. I grew mini cucumbers for the first time last year and they were lovely.

  22. Worm hunting is essential!!! That's what our kids do whilst we turn over the raised beds!! #hdygg

  23. I love reading all the HDYGG posts :) Your garden looks glorious!!

  24. Your garden looks great! I've not grown onion from seed before, I'll be interested to do some testing when I have enough space. I converted half of my garden into an allotment last year, and still need to make a full plan of everything I'm planting and making sure I don't have a time when there's empty ground!

    Good luck with your growing, I'll follow to compare notes!

  25. What a gorgeous magnolia and what lovely memories it will grow

  26. What a lovely garden! I've not seen magnolias before but yours look beautiful. I like your veg patches and the little arch in the hedge. Lovely!

  27. Lucky you, I would love a magnolia tree but I just don't have green fingers.

  28. I love the magnolia tree - I keep saying I am going to get one for our garden.

  29. Utter garden envy! Wow what a space. I love the little gate, and nice you can keep the kids contained. The magnolia is beautiful.

  30. oh wow look at your garden! it's so nice to get outside isn't it! x


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