Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Recipe - Simnel Cake

For my next Easter Recipe I am doing a traditional Simnel Cake!

We love marzipan, so this cake is always a favourite at this time of year. The hidden layer adds a much loved flavour to a traditional fruit cake.

The top of the cake is decorated with a layer of marzipan and eleven marzipan balls. The balls represent Jesus' disciples, minus Judas.

I have taken Paul Hollywood's recipe and made it my own by changing a few ingredients, you can find the original recipe here

This is what how I made this delicious, traditional Easter cake...

Simnel Cake


500g marzipan
225g baking spread
225g golden caster sugar
4 eggs, at room temperature
225g plain flour
2tsp ground cinnamon
Zest of 2 oranges
4tsp orange juice
450g mixed fruit with candied peel
100g soft apricots, chopped


Pre heat the oven to 150C

1 - Mix the baking spread and caster sugar until creamed together

2 - Add the orange zest, ground cinnamon, orange juice, and the eggs one at a time, mix with a little flour to prevent curdling

3 - Sift in the flour and mix until all of the ingredients are evenly combined

4 - Add the fruit and mix thoroughly

5 - Line a cake tin and place half of the cake mixture into the tin

6 - Roll out a third of the marzipan and cut a disc that is slightly smaller than the tin, place it on top of the cake mixture

7 - Place the remaining cake mixture on top of the marzipan layer

8 - Place in the pre heated oven and bake for 2 and a half hours

9 - Once baked and firm to the touch remove from the tin and leave to cool

10 - To decorate cut a disc of marzipan for the top, secure with a layer of heated lemon curd

11 - Roll 11 marzipan balls and place around the edge of the cake

12 - Brush over with egg wash and place under a hot grill for a couple of minutes to brown

This is a deliciously moist fruit cake with a soft, sweet hidden layer of marzipan.

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  1. oooh that looks sooo good Kirsty. beautifully decorated too and i love the styling :)
    My only fault is that i cannot try any! x

  2. This sounds lovely, I love marzipan :) #TastyTuesdays

  3. Hello, this looks amazing-wow, I am so impressed! Think the marzipan cutting and moulding scares me! Thanks so much for linking up to #tastytuesdays with this!

  4. This looks yummy and the top of it looks so neat!! #tastytuesday

  5. wow, it looks lush, but i hate marzipan)

  6. Oh great minds. I am just writing up our chocolate simnel cake. The boys are not keen on fruit cake

  7. Looks yummy. I adore marzipan! #blogclub

  8. That looks beautiful!! I've made a freeform one and I'm desperately hoping it isn't too dry!

  9. Ohh that looks good too, I'm making your hot cross buns tomorow! Mich x #blogclub

  10. That looks great, I have never made or tried that cake before x

  11. Oh yum - that looks fabulous and I love how you've made Mr Hollywood's recipe just a little bit easier! I love marzipan but unfortunately the girls don't (no idea why?) but you have inspired me and I may just have to try and find the time to make this to take up to the in-laws for Easter!

  12. That looks just fantastic. Love marzipan and fruit in my cake, not so keen on apricots though. Guess this will work without?


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