Monday, 7 April 2014

Cake and Bake Show Manchester - 4th April 2014

At last, the day I have been looking forward to since November arrived!

It was time for the Cake and Bake Show!

When I saw that the Cake and Bake Show was being held again in Manchester, I knew I wanted to go.

When we arrived at Manchester Central we go parked up easily and we went to explore the foodie delights.

As we rode up the escalator from the car park my excitement grew, this was a day that I had been looking forward to such a long time.

Would it live up to my expectations?

Yes it did, and more!

As we entered into the exhibition area the smell of cakes, bread and food was delicious.

This really was heaven for any food lover.

I was delighted to see that the stalls were so much more than just cakes and bakes.

In the Marketplace there were stalls catering for all tastes, from cakes to cured meats, from biscuits to cheeses, from bakes to olives. There were so many different foods to choose from. There was even tea, coffee and a couple of stalls selling alcohol!

Our plan to walk around and look before we buy went out of the window by the second stall that we visited!

We walked around looking at the food stall and had no end of tasters. We really were spoilt for choice!
All of the stalls were beautifully presented and tempted you in. It really was difficult to say no and we could have easily come home with many more goodies!
Along with all of the delicious stalls were equipment stalls. Again I could have spent a fortune! You were able to buy just about any piece of baking and cooking equipment that you could imagine and the cake decorating tools were endless. There were knives, ovens, mixers, oven door shields and even mini vacuums.
Neff were showcasing their Hide and Slide oven. Which I have got say would be a dream oven! It looks amazing, it is both spacious inside and space saving as the door slides away. This in itself is a great safety feature, I have lost count how many times I have burnt my poor arms on the oven door!
At the Billington's Sugar Market I discovered a sugar that I have not tried before. In the past I have stuck with the regular sugars that you find on the supermarket shelf, caster, golden caster, muscovado and demarera. However after tasting the Molasses sugar, and bring a couple of boxes home, I will be using it more often to give a richer flavour in some of my bakes!
The display tables which were displaying cakes that were adorned with detailed sugar craft figures were simply amazing. To be honest, if you did not know that they were cakes you would never guess that they were!

Cake Masters Magazine had created this stunning cupcake dress which was made up of 800 cupcakes and 4800 sugar paste flowers! Each individual cupcake was beautifully decorated with fine purple sugar paste flowers. It was so beautiful and I couldn't resist being a cupcake princess for a few seconds!

The live demonstrations by some of the countries leading bakers were a real treat to watch. For any aspiring baker it is fantastic to watch the professionals do what they do best.

I was lucky enough to have VIP tickets to see Rosemary Shrager at work in the Cake Kitchen. She came across as such a warm and comical lady and was such an honour to watch bake. I was also lucky enough to meet Rosemary, have a chat and get my book signed! I was excited to hear that Rosemary Shrager has opened a cooking school, fingers crossed, one day, I'll get the chance to go for the day!

Cake Bomb had created an superb Indian Jungle all made, unbelievably, from cake!
The hard work, time and attention to detail must have felt endless. During their time there they were finishing off the elephant at the entrance to the jungle. While we were waiting to go in I was talking to one of the bakers/cake designer and she told me that the elephant would be cut into a whopping 5000 pieces of cake!
I am totally in awe of the designers, their work was truly amazing!

We had such an amazing day and I could talk about it for hours! I am so pleased that we saved some money up before we went. As you can see we came home with plenty of treats including a Billingtons tin and sugars, Cake and Bake goodie bag, Magic Knives, Oven Door Shield, Greek herbs and spices, olives, foccacia, toffee vodka, Rosemary Shrager cook book and a selection of cured meats! I could have spent so much more!

I am already looking forward to the Cake and Bake Show returning next year!


  1. The sugar craft creations are amazing. I can't begin to imagine how long they took to make.

  2. Wow - some of those cakes are amazing! I LOVE the Olaf and Sven from Frozen one!

    What a great day out!

  3. Oh wow! This looks like an amazing event, I'd feel like I was in heaven :D

  4. You had me at the word 'Cake' ;)
    My kids have loved looking these -especially the Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs one!

  5. Those cakes are incredible! im not massively into baking but I would still love to go there!

  6. Wow! Can't quite believe that some of those are cakes! I wouldn't want to eat them!

  7. all cakes look lovely, i wish i had a talent, but i can only eat and browse)

  8. They look amazing! Def too good to eat!

  9. What a lovely event! Would have loved to have gone but think I would have eaten my bod weight in cakes!

  10. Oh my word this sounds and looks like it was absolutely incredible! The sugar section especially, what amazing creations :)

  11. These cakes look stunning! I'd have been as big as a house by the time I left, if I'd gone along to this.

  12. That looks so good! What a fab day out and I am glad you got some goodies x

  13. Oh my goodness those cakes are amazing! How would you ever cut into them. Looks like a wonderful day out :) x

  14. Wow - those are some amazing cakes, I live in awe of anyone who can do anything like that. Sounds like you had a great day and came home with a good haul of goodies! #blogclub

  15. Sound a like a great day. I love rosemary must have been great to see her! I am v err y much a novice baker but do like to try. Those cakes in your photos look amazing x

  16. cakes seem to get more impressive every year - `i wouldn't want to eat these

  17. WOW! Some of those look more like sculptures than cakes! I've never seen anything like that before (puts the WI to shame doesn't it?)

  18. wow that frozen cake is brilliant! x

  19. Sounds like my idea of heaven - was there any bread making involved?

    I really love the Frozen cake - how clever!

    1. It was mainly cake. There was some bread making but it was more about sour dough. It was a great day :-)

  20. Wow, those cakes are amazing! It sounds like you had a brilliant time!

  21. Wow - how totally and completely astounding. I hope you brought home lots of lovely cakes, and lots of lovely ideas to show us soon on the blog :-)
    Love Vicky

  22. Oh my word this sounds like a wonderful day out! All those beautiful cakes and things - is it an annual event - checking diary now lol!! #blogclub

  23. I hope it is annual event, as I cannot wait to return :-)

  24. This looks like a brilliant show - thanks for sharing & noting the date in my diary for next year! #blogclub

  25. Some truly spectacular creations there. Must have been a fantastic experience!


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