Sunday, 13 April 2014

7th April - 13th April 2014 - One Picture Everyday for One Year

This week I have been a bit out of sorts and routine.

Joseph has now broken up from school for the Easter holidays and I am amazed by how quickly this first week has flown.

I have been suffering a bit of baking withdrawal this week. Thanks to my lovely new razor sharp knives cutting my finger (it had nothing to do with me not being careful!) on Sunday and a trip to the nurse I have got a bandaged up finger that I need to keep dry. This is easier said than done! It is getting better but is not yet fully closed but I am hoping to be back baking this week with a vengeance!

This is our week in pictures...

Monday 7th April 2014

On Monday I was feeling sorry for myself! I had lots of baking planned and was going to do some cooking and baking activities with Joseph. So after my trip to the doctors we had a lazy day. The twins loved having their big brother home and if I'm honest he was a huge help and kept them busy playing.
Tuesday 8th April 2014
On Tuesday I took the children to see my nanna so I baked a Chocolate Caramel Marble Cake to take with us. My nanna was, as always, pleased to see us but she was especially pleased to see Joseph. We normally go over while Joseph is at school so it was a lovely trip out for him as well. Now that the wins are bigger it is easier when we go out. Going out with the three children on my own is not as daunting as it was!
Wednesday 9th April 2014

Isabella is becoming such a little character and quite the entertainer! At meal time on Wednesday she had both Taylor and Joseph in fits of giggles by pulling faces at them. She makes me smile so much bless her x

Thursday 10th April 2014
Thursday was shopping day, with three children I am glad I go shopping with my mum! This has become our weekly outing, Isabella goes in nanna's trolley, while mummy's boy Taylor stays with me. Joseph also had a sleep over at his nanna's and got a new hair style! He has been wanting his hair cutting like this for so long I gave in and let him. I have to admit, it really suits him!
Friday 11th April 2014

On Friday we had a ride over to see the hubby's mum after she returned from her holidays. The kiddies loved going. Normally we try and go over for lunch time so that we are back at home for tea. This week we went for tea, took the twins pj's and returned home for bed time. I was expecting them to fall asleep on the way home but was so pleased that hubby managed to keep them awake so that their bedtime routine wasn't effected. They were both shattered when we got back and Taylor ended up having cuddles to go to sleep!

Saturday 12th April 2014

Saturday was spent together as normal. We had a ride out, got some bargain plants for the garden and just enjoyed being together. We had garden time and I had kitchen time making this delicious Vanilla No Bake Cheesecake! I do love the weekends when we are all together as a family, but they just go by too fast!
Sunday 13th April 2014
Today is a lovely sunny day! So far we have enjoyed outdoor play while the hubby is busy in the vegetable garden.
Have a lovely day and a great week x
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  1. brilliant round up, that cake looks delicious!!

  2. What sweet photos and that marble cake looked delicious! #theweekthatwascaptured

  3. Ouch to the poorly finger but loving all those garden toys. Perfect weather to enjoy them!

  4. oh dear at the finger, hope it heals ok. very difficult to keep you finger dry as hand washing is essential. Nice to get Joseph and about as well, feel they miss so much being at school, but great that he helps entertain the twins, I know my daughter appreciates having Fifi off.
    Had to laugh at the cheeky Isabella face.

  5. Cute haircut. Isabella is such a cutie. They have great garden toys to keep them busy.

  6. The chocolate caramel marble cake looks amazing! I'm going to have to give it a go! Your poor finger :(

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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