Friday, 28 March 2014

Word of the Week - Sleep!

This weeks word of the week has to be...


When I decided on my word last night I may have tempted fate as Taylor was awake at 4am this morning. But I am still going with sleep as they have done so well this week.

Let's start with Saturday, the twins first night away.

I was amazed when we got the message saying "they're asleep!" before 8pm. When I rang my mum I couldn't believe that they had both gone to sleep so easily. We were over the moon when we were told that they had both slept a whopping 11 hours. We were so proud of them for doing so well.

We were even happier when the good nights sleep carried on once they were home. This last week has to be the best sleep that we have had in the past 25 months. That is why I have chosen the word sleep as my word of the week.

I am joining in with The Reading Residence's Word of the Week pop over and see what other words have come up this week.
The Reading Residence


  1. It should be my #wotw too =P but mine would be I need to sleep cuz the week has been very very busy =P

    I am glad that your twins are sleeping better =)


  2. Aw yay! Very glad to hear they have slept well, makes for a happier household doesn't it! I hope it continues! xx #wotw

  3. Let's hope it continues :) My youngest was a great sleeper when she was little and now a little pickle x #WotW

  4. Fantastic, always good when children sleep well!

  5. Sleeping children must be the universe's way of rewarding us for something!! Well done on whatever it is!! Seriously though I breathe a sigh of relief every night I see my children sleeping. X #WotW

  6. My children tend to have a habit of ding this for the grandparents!!
    Asleep at astoundingly early time #WotW

  7. Hooray!! That's fantastic news! I hope it continues x

  8. Oh good golly - how ever much a try I can never get enough sleep. Glad you managed to grab some now the twins are snoozing well. I'll tell my SIL, who is proud mum to 3 month old twin boys, that they do start sleeping eventually ;-)
    Love Vicky

  9. Funny how sleep becomes a bit of an obsession for us parents! We're not doing too well on that front in our house. Austin keeps waking at 4am, and Gwen's started fighting her daytime nap....and I'm completely shattered!

  10. What a lovely photo! The word sleep would be a good one for that we haven't had much! Nothing to do with kids either...for some unknown reason neither my husband nor I have slept well at all. Feeling very very tired right now!!

  11. Wonderful! It makes such a difference to all get some sleep! Hope it's still going strong x Thanks for sharing with #WotW


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