Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Twins Gift Company - Review

I have lost count how many times I have been shopping for something special for the twins and have come home disappointed. During my twin pregnancy and after the twins were born I realised that shops simply do not cater for twins, everything is for single babies and children.
So when The Twin Gift Company asked me if I would do a review for them I immediately said yes!
At last there is a company which sell items specifically for twins and triplets!
When a parcel arrived from them I was so excited to see what products they sell. All the items inside of the parcel had been lovingly wrapped in black tissue paper and everything was sealed with their logo stickers.

Inside we found a plaque which I have to admit is so well suited to our house!

Our house has always got toys all over the floor and children's television or music on. While the children are up their toys are out, when they've gone to bed we finally get our house back. But as the beautiful plaque says, the twins are making happy memories.
I was amazed by the weight of the plaque. This handcrafted solid wood sign is of the best quality and has a lovely rustic/country cottage feel to it, just the style of products that we love!
It is totally handmade from solid Redwood. As they are all hand crafted no two signs are the same so they really are a unique gift or treat.
Next we opened the tissue paper to find a black presentation gift box containing a lovely heart shaped slate hanging, engraved with "Twins Sleeping Be Quiet or Babysit".
I wish I had found this sooner!
When the twin nap I put a hand written sign in the window telling people to not knock as they are asleep. I always said that we could do with a sign hanging up instead.
This quaint, rustic style hanging will be perfect for the twins bedroom door.
It hangs on a rope cord which will hang perfectly on their door handle.
This would make an original gift for any parent of twins that would certainly be fitting as we all know how hard it is to get two babies back to sleep after they've been woken up!
Another product that The Twin Gift Company specialise in is photo frames and albums.
I am absolutely delighted with the luxurious photo album that we received. It comes beautifully presented in an off white box. The two pairs of pewter baby feet give this album the perfect finish for presenting those treasured baby pictures.
We have hundreds of pictures of the twins but have never found an album to put them in, until now! The album contains 20 pages of handmade paper and can hold up to 40 photographs.
The only problem that we will have is choosing which pictures to use!
I have always struggled to find twins greeting cards on the High Street.
The Twins Gift Company stock a wide range of twins cards for all occasions and for all family members.
The do cards for siblings of twins, grandparents, and of course for twin parents.
They also supply cards for all occasions from Christmas to Christenings, from birthdays to simple greetings.
These cards are not only of the highest quality but are also environmentally friendly. All of their cards are made with paper that has been sourced from sustainable forests.

My favourite has to be the card below.
This poem on this card will touch any parent of twins. The quality and finish of this card is of such a high standard we are going to buy a frame for it to be hung up in the twins bedroom.
The products which I have mentioned are just the items that we have reviewed.
The Twins Gift Company stock jewellery, Christening gifts, Mother of twin gifts, mugs, twins toys and triplet gifts.
I cannot recommend this company enough. Their products are of the highest quality, customer service and delivery have both been excellent. The presentation of the items has a luxurious, special finish to them.
For more information visit The Twins Gift Company
The Twins Gift Company can also be found on both Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Tumblr.
Disclaimer: The Twins Gift Company sent me the items for the purpose of this review. No payment was received, all views and opinions are my own and 100% honest!


  1. What a fantastic idea for a company - I imagine there is a lot of demand for their gifts seeing as how few places offer such unique and well made items :)

  2. Some great ideas here, what a great company if you have twins or are looking for that special gift for someone who has twins.

  3. Such a great idea as there are quite a few twins about! My mum included!

  4. What a great idea for a business! :)

  5. This stuff looks gorgeous. Little feet always tug on the heart-strings! It's a great idea to tailor-make gifts for twins.

  6. Lovely items - there did used to be a similar company when my twins were small, where I bought similar online. Can't remember the name of it though!

  7. Oh, they products are fun and I am sure, would be appreciated by parents of twins, like you! I don't know anyone who has twins but I willr efer them to your post if I meet any :-).xx

  8. Some really lovely gifts.

  9. I'd never thought about how tricky it must be to get things especially for twins. I'm glad there's a company out there plugging the gap.

  10. What a fabulous idea! Loving those plaques, so cute!

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  12. oh what lovely goodies. I love the plaque and have been buying things like this recently.

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  15. They are such nice gifts as well for people .x

  16. I love the heart plaque, the babysitting bit made me smile!

  17. Lovely things! I'm a twin myself :) I never really thought about it but its true, you don't see many congrats twins cards in the shops only for single baby girls or boys!

  18. What lovely ideas. :) I'll remember this company for if I need to buy any gifts for new twins!

  19. These are lovely. Such a novel way of celebrating twins. Wish I knew about these a few months back


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