Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Point + Shoot - First Post

Today I discovered a new linky that I knew would be a perfect way to record our weekends in more than just one picture.
I found Snowing Indoors and the Point + Shoot linky.
This is a link where I can share our weekend photographs. I always find that I take a lot more photographs over the weekend but only share one in my weekly round up. So a lot of photographs get left on the camera and get forgotten until I look back.
This weekend we had a taste of some beautiful weather. We made the most of it by spending all of Sunday out in the garden and even managed to have our first BBQ of 2014.
Whenever the sun is out, the twins want to be out. The hard part is getting them to come back in.

We moved into our house 15 months ago and we have big plans for the garden, especially an area for the children.
It is lovely to see their confidence growing and enjoying their new found freedom of the outdoors.

Here are our weekend Point + Shoot pictures...

Visit Snowing Indoors Point+Shoot Happy Weekend to see what they did during their happy weekend.



  1. Lovely pictures and I love that you've had your first BBQ of the year.
    We moved into our house 4 months ago, for the first time we have a proper garden. It needs a major revamp, but I'm looking forward to it and the kids being able to play out in it :) x

  2. I LOVE Em's point +shoot linky, it's such a nice way to share your weekend!

  3. great pictures my fav is the family round the table you need to ask hubby to buy you a tripod so you can be in the pictures too.

  4. A lovely happy outdoor weekend, who wouldn't want to enjoy the sunshine we have been seeing recently.

  5. These are such lovely photos! SO nice to see you've been enjoying some sunshine :O) This sounds like a linky for me, must check it out x

  6. It's lovely to have some outdoor space for children to roam around in. I should check out this linky myself - like you, I always end up with loads of gorgeous pics that never get used!


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