Monday, 3 February 2014

Wholegrain Goodness Challenge Day 14 & Overall Results

Well, we have now completed the wholegrain goodness challenge!
As we found on the others days, day 14 was a successful day.
This is how we got on...

Wholegrain Goodness Challenge Day 14


The twins and hubby had hot oats for their breakfasts while Joseph and I enjoyed some wholemeal toast.


All 5 of us had wholemeal pitta breads for our lunches.


As it was Sunday we were out at my parents for our dinner. Which did not contain any wholegrain but during the day we had all had 2 wholegrain servings.

Overall Results and Feedback

I don't think that it advertised widely enough the benefits of wholegrains. Like many people I know that we need 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, I know that we need essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet. However I was not aware that the daily recommended amount of wholegrain servings is 3 a day. I have spoken to friends who were also unaware of this. I feel that people need to be made more aware of how wholegrains are not only good for the digestive system but also that wholegrain intake can reduce the risk of heart disease!
We have loved trying the new wholegrain alternatives and I feel that, food budget depending, this will be a change that we will continue with. The only negative feedback that I do have is regarding the huge increase in cost for wholegrain products. Surely if a food is beneficial for good health it should be accessible for everyone and I know that a lot of families that run on a tight food budget would automatically go for the cheaper "white/non wholegrain" choice purely because they could not afford the extra expense.

Disclaimer: The Wholegrain Goodness Challenge is in association with Mumsnet and Wholegrain Goodness. I received a shopping voucher to purchase wholegrain foods but all of the views expressed are my own and 100% honest.
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