Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wholegrain Goodness Challenge Day 12

I am pleased to say that we have all had yet another successful day.
I find that I am now automatically going for the wholegrain alternatives and have actually added brown wholegrain rice to my shopping list as it nearly all gone!
This is how we have done...

Wholegrain Goodness Challenge Day 12


Everybody automatically goes for the wholegrain cereals and are really enjoying them!


The twins and I had some wholesale pitta breads for our lunch. I really did prefer the wholesale ones to the white flour ones which I often find to be a bit bland.
The hubby had his usual wholegrain sandwich and banana and oat muffin.


I cooked creamy chicken and chorizo with brown wholegrain rice.
The twins had some leftover Bolognese and organic wholegrain spaghetti.

Day 12 - Results

Twins - 3 wholegrain servings
Joseph - 2 wholegrain servings
Hubby - 4 wholegrain servings
Me - 2 wholegrain servings

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