Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Reading Chest - Review

Joseph would probably tell you that I moan at him to read!
Well I used to, thankfully I don't any more!
When I got the chance to write a review for Reading Chest I saw this as an opportunity to encourage Joseph to read more and not just because he had to.
Both the hubby and I love reading. We really want all of the children to learn how much fun you can get from a book!
I signed up with Reading Chest on the Friday and I was amazed to see that the books were delivered by the postman the very next day!
This really was an excellent and speedy delivery!
Joseph was so excited to see the arrival of a package. The envelope was address to specifically for him which added to the excitement.
He ripped open the envelope and was surprised by all of the added extras that came with the book.
He received:
* A lovely Reading Chest fabric book bag to keep his books in
* A reading sticker chart to track the books that he has read
* Stickers for his chart
* A book mark
* A pre paid envelope for him to return his books once he had read them.
I couldn't believe how eager he was to go and read a book.
It was immediately visible to see how enthusiastic he had become. He was so animated as he told us all about the first book that he read and couldn't wait to tell us what had happened!
He was, finally, discovering the magic of books!
I felt so proud when he told me about the book, I could see how excited he was that he had read it and enjoyed it!
From the first package, he read two of the books in just three days!
Unfortunately with the council budget cuts a lot of libraries are being shut which is taking a service away from children. So the service that Reading Chest are offering is a different way for children to get the books that they need.
Reading Chest are a postal book rental service for children from 4 - 9 years old.
Once the books have been read, or if your child does not like the book and wants to swap, you simply place a maximum of three books in the pre paid envelope and post them back to Reading Chest and await your next delivery.
The books that are available run alongside books that are used in primary schools so you know that your child is reading books which are at their level. You can also change the level of reading books as your child's reading improves!
There are both fictional and non fiction books available. Joseph has had a mixture of both which he has enjoyed as the non fiction has widened his knowledge in the wider world, however the fiction books have definitely been his favourite!
Reading Chest offers three different subscriptions
Bronze package  allows you up to 6 books a month
Silver package allows you up to 12 books a month and multiple books lists
Gold package allows you an unlimited supply of books and multiple book lists
The silver and gold packages are ideal if you are looking to sign up for more than one child.
Prices start from £9.95 a month but with discount code HAPPY2014 you will get £5 off your first months membership!
For more information or to subscribe visit Reading Chest

Disclaimer: Reading Chest gave us free membership to the silver package for the purpose of this review. No payment has been recieved. All views and opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. This looks like a fantastic scheme to keep young readers motivated as they learn. I run a weekly children's book linky every Wednesday and you are very welcome to come and link up children's book posts to #kidsbookaweek

    1. That would be great, thank you for telling me about your link up! I will link up next week :-)


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