Tuesday, 25 February 2014

#FirstDay - Midwives Support

During my twin pregnancy I worried everyday.
Labour started at 34+6wks and midwives supported us through the emergency c-section and kept our babies safe until nicu took over.
3 days later my nanna died.
After a week in hospital, babies in nicu and loosing nanna I was near breaking point.
A midwife spotted how I was close to pnd and gave me the best advice.
She reassured me our babies would be ok and that I should go home.
Leaving was the hardest thing ever but she was right, I became stronger for my children.
I will be forever grateful!

I have written this 100 word piece about my experience with midwives as today Save the Children are starting their new campaign #FirstDay.
I was amazed and saddened to read that every year 1 million babies die on their first day of life!
This is a staggering figure that Save the Children want to reduce, hence this new campaign.

There are a number of ways in which you can help.

* Donate - by texting COFFEE to 70090 this text will donate £3 to help this campaign. £3 will buy 10 tubes of antiseptic cream which could save 10 babies lives in under developed countries

* Sign Save the Children First Day Petition - David Cameron could lead a global break through by encouraging the world to provide more training and funding for midwives. Please sign the petition asking him to sign up to Save the Children's Newborn Promise, a plan which aims to ensure that by 2025 all children are born with the support of a midwife.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I sincerely hope that you will support this great cause!

Please visit Thinly Spread's post about why she has raised awareness throughout the blogger community of this cause and read some other 100 word posts.


  1. These posts are all powerful.
    You really went through it - always think it must be so tough to see new life and death in such a short time span so no wonder pnd threatened.
    A reminder of how important midwives are and a great way to highlight the #firstsday campaign

  2. Oh Kirsty, thank you. What a powerful post and what a time of it you had. Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness of the plight of so many babies, so many lost lives. It is so important to raise awareness of these shocking stats and the simplicity (in many cases) of the solution - it's simply wrong in 2014 that babies are dying of hypothermia or infection when antispetic cream, antibiotics and blankets cost so little and can do so much. x


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