Saturday, 8 February 2014

Comes in 3's........ I hope!

Well they say things come in 3's.
A few weeks ago we had an engineer out to the fridge as it was leaking.
On Thursday I had to arrange an engineer to come out and look at the washing machine as it was making a terrible noise. As any parent will know it is hard enough keeping on top of the washing at this time of year and would be a nightmare to be without a machine!
Luckily someone is coming out next week and I've been told that I can still use it!
So there's the first 2 things.
But then the worst thing that could happen happened!
My oven stopped working!
How am I going to bake?
Yesterday I had a lovely morning making pizzas with the twins. They did more than I thought they would. They weren't keen on the feel of the dough so I flattened it out for them but they loved spreading the tomato and tasting it!
Then they were in their element when it was time to put the cheese and tuna on!
Admittedly more went in their mouths but it was great!
Then it was time to put the pizzas in the oven.
Bless them they were having so much fun they didn't want them to go in the oven!
But when I opened the oven it was stone cold.
The fan was going round but there was no heat.
Luckily we took out the extra years guarantee as it is only just over a year old!
All I kept thinking was how I couldn't bake bread or cakes!
I have a special cake planned for hubby next week!
I was cooking a makhani curry for dinner and had samosas and bhajis to cook!
Luckily my mum and dad only live down the road so we cooked the pizzas there and the twins had them for their dinner and I cooked the bhajis and samosas there.
The oven is like my best friend in the kitchen.
It is on everyday.
I feel lost knowing it is not working.
Thankfully an engineer is coming on Tuesday and I just hope and pray that he can fix it there and then.
I don't know what my reaction will be if he tells me he can't.
I may just break down and cry!
Today we have to go and buy some bread. I can't remember the last time I actually bought bread.
So if I don't blog about baking you know why.
However this has challenged me to plan next weeks meals using just the hob and grill!
I'm always up for a challenge and if I fail my mums oven isn't far away!


  1. Oh my goodness poor your here is a virtual hug <----> i also believe that things come in 3s too i really hope you get your fridge and oven sorted out and are back up baking again you are so like me i love making my own bread. Those pizzas look awesome.


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