Monday, 17 February 2014

Budget Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 17th February 2014

I've to to admit last weeks meal plan didn't exactly go as planned!
The dreaded sickness bug arrived at the end of last week so we didn't have the mushroom stroganoff or the Mexican beef and vegetable stew.
However on Saturday I did make a beef cannelloni which was absolutely delicious and I will definitely be sharing the recipe this week!
For the first part of this week I am going to be making quite plain meals which won't be too heavy for everyone.
On Thursday it is the twins second birthday and we are going out for a family lunch. Our evening meal will probably just be a snack.
Thankfully my oven is now back in full working order so I am no longer having to plan around the hob and can bake again which has been a huge relief!
This is what we will be enjoying this week...

Week Commencing 17th February 2014

Monday - Breaded Fish and Homemade Chips

This is what I have got planned for tonights meal. The twins, Joseph and the hubby are all still getting over their tummy bugs so this is a meal that will be quite light on their delicate tummies. When I make homemade chips I cook them in the hot air fryer which only needs a tablespoon of oil so they are no greasy like other chips. Home cooked fish and chips are not only healthier than going to the takeaway but also a lot cheaper!

Tuesday - Vegetable Macaroni Cheese

This is a meal that I have not made in such a long time but one that I love! It is a basic macaroni cheese with courgettes, tomatoes, onions and peppers added in. This is a lovely meal which costs very little to make so is perfect for families who are living on a tight budget!

Wednesday - Vegetable and Chestnut Pie

This pie is a cheese sauce based pie with chestnut mushrooms, onions, whole chestnuts and broccoli with a wholemeal pastry.

Birthday Thursday - Sandwiches and Salad

As we will be eating out a lunch time we will just be having sandwiches and salad as a light tea.

Friday - Slow Cooked Beef with Vegetable Yorkshire Puddings

I will be cooking a slow cooked beef joint as this is something that I can leave in the slow cooker all day. Hubby has taken Thursday and Friday off work so I can leave this cooking while we go out. A good beef joint can often cost more but it I think that it is worth the cost as you get enough meat for two days worth of meals!

Saturday - Leftover Beef Chilli

I love using leftovers. They always make such flavoursome meals. This week I'll be using the left over beef to make a chilli which will be served with brown rice and of course cheesy nachos and dips!

As well as this there will be fresh homemade bread and a birthday cake to look forward to.

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I am sharing my weekly meal plan on At Home With Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday


  1. Aww I hope everyone is back to feeling 100% fit soon!!
    Everything sounds delicious!
    Hope the twins have a wonderful birthday x

  2. I have a hot air fryer..brilliant aren't they :)


  3. Your week sounds delicious. I do hope everyone feels 100% better soon xx


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