Monday, 3 February 2014

Budget Weekly Meal Plan - Week Commencing 3rd February 2014

This month we are taking part in the Great British Budget.
This month our meals are going to be dishes that a great for a family on a budget. They are going to be meals that are low cost that do not compromise on quality or flavour!
During February I will be sharing how I save money on our weekly food shopping and some of my budget recipes!
I am looking forward to the challenge of keeping our budget and sticking to it!

Week Commencing 3rd February 2014

* Chinese Spiced Pulled Pork

I am slow cooking a shoulder of pork that has been rubbed with Chinese 5 Spice. A shoulder of pork is a cheap cut which needs cooking slowly but once it is cooked if falls apart! My mum and I have shared a 3kg joint which cost us £10 from the market. So today's meat will cost £5 but there will be plenty of meat left over for tomorrows meal!
I am going to bake some fresh bread rolls and we will have hot pulled pork sandwiches with salad and homemade coleslaw.

* Pulled Pork Stir Fry

With the leftover pulled pork I will be making a quick and easy meal of a stir fry.

* Mushroom Risotto

I will be using a mixture of closed cup mushroom and chestnut mushrooms to make a wholegrain risotto which I will serve with some garlic bread.

* Roasted Root Vegetables, Beetroot and Smoked Bacon

We love roasted root vegetables so I am going to make it into a meal this week!

* Cumberland Pie

This is a delicious, low cost family meal. I usually make cottage pie but this week I will be making a Cumberland pie for a change.

* Chicken Curry

At the moment I am not sure what curry we will be having but my hubby has dropped some huge hints that he would like a curry so I will be making one and showing you that for a good curry you do not need to spend a lot of money on getting a take away!

Join the Great British Budget Challenge
Disclaimer: I volunteered to take part in this campaign as it is a subject that is close to my heart. However at the end there is a prize draw for the panellists.
I am sharing my weekly meal plan on At Home With Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

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  1. Yum! Everything sounds delicious especially tonight's and Tuesdays meals...
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