Tuesday, 4 February 2014


When I got invited to join in with KidGLLoves Mini Creations it was at a perfect time!
I have been thinking of ways to get creative with the twins and this gave me even more of an excuse to get my thinking cap on!
At Christmas we got the twins their first AquaDoodle. However we were disappointed to find that it only came with the one water pen.
We invested in another one which arrived last week.
Here is Isabella and Taylor's first Mini Creation!
These pictures show the first time that the twins played with their AquaDoodle.
As you can see it was a huge success.
When the weather warms up I am planning to take the AquaDoodle outside and let the twins run their wet feet over the mat but for now we'll stick to the water pens!
This post is to link up with KidGLLoves Mini Creations. I hope to link up more with creations from both the twins and Joseph.
Mini Creations


  1. Aww! Fantastic!! My girls loved their AquaDoodle when they were younger....We had to buy extra pens too...Ebay was fab for them :)

  2. Lucas says - Welcome to KidGLloves and Mini Creations. We think Isabella and Taylor have done a fab job here - we're sending them HUGE fat High-5's xx Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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