Monday, 27 January 2014

Wholegrain Goodness Challenge Day 7 & Week 1 Round Up

On Sunday's we go to my mum and dad's for our Sunday dinner. ThereforeI knew that today we would not all be having our 3 recommended daily servings of wholegrain.
However I knew that we would have at least 1 serving!
Here is how we did...


The twins have had a wholegrain serving for their breakfasts. They have started the day with Shreddies and banana.
Joseph had his multigrain boulders and hubby had some oats while I had a mid morning snack of oat flapjack.


We all had wholemeal bread sandwiches.


As it was Sunday, we had a traditional Sunday dinner which had no wholemeal servings in. However I do not mind as we had wholemeal for the other meals during the day.

Day 7 Results

Twins - 2 wholegrain servings
Joseph - 2 wholegrain servings
Hubby - 2 wholegrain servings
Me - 2 wholegrain servings

Week 1 Results

After week 1 of the wholegrain goodness challenge I am amazed by how easy it is to include wholegrain into our diets. However, when I did the wholegrain shopping I was surprised by how much more wholegrain food costs. For a family that are on a budget it would be difficult, sometimes, to spend more on our weekly shopping. But to change the flour that I use for bread and to cook a mixture of both brown wholemeal products with white would be possible. I feel that the food companies should take a look at their prices. If we need to eat more wholegrain then they should make it more accessible for everyone, whether you are on a tight budget or not!
We are enjoying the wholegrain foods and hope to keep up with the changes after the challenge!

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