Friday, 24 January 2014

Wholegrain Goodness Challenge Day 4

We have now completed four days of the wholegrain goodness challenge.
I have noticed that I am feeling bloated less often but the hubby has been having some stomach pains. But he does have a sensitive digestive system and suffers with excess acid. However during the last couple of days he has been having more than the recommended 3 servings. So we are going to cut down his servings and I am going to make a loaf of bread using half white flour and half wholemeal flour to see if this helps.
Here's how we did on day 4...

Wholegrain Goodness Challenge - Day 4


Yet again the twins had their usual breakfast, however I am going to start giving them Shreddies over the weekend now that their little tummy's have got used to the increase of wholegrain.
Joseph and hubby had some Shreddies.
Even I had a late breakfast of wholemeal toast.


The twins enjoyed the last of the cottage pie from the other day.
As I am still not 100% I have not got much of an appetite. But whenever I am feeling ill the one food that I can always eat is crisps, luckily I have some wholegrain Sunbites so I did have my serving of wholegrain!
Hubby had a homemade wholemeal bread sandwich and also took the last of the wholemeal cinnamon and honey cake as a snack.


I wanted to make an easy dinner today. So I bought some casserole steak as I can put it in the slow cooker and leave it for the day. I was going to make a stew but remembered that this week I had not bought any root vegetables so I gave it a twist. I made a Mediterranean style stew with red onions, red peppers, courgettes, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, herbs, spices, wholegrain brown rice and pearl barley. As this had been in the slow cooker all day the twins enjoyed a bowl of stew with a little added wholegrain brown rice for their dinner.

Day 4 - Results

Twins - 2 wholegrain servings
Joseph - 2 wholegrain servings
Hubby - 4 wholegrain servings
Me - 3 wholegrain servings

Unfortunately, with Joseph having school dinners, he is only getting 2 of his recommended 3 servings a day. I am going to bake some wholegrain muffins so that he can have one as his after school snack so that he getting the serving that he is currently missing.

Disclaimer: The Wholegrain Goodness Challenge is in association with Mumsnet and Wholegrain Goodness. I received a shopping voucher to purchase wholegrain foods but all of the views expressed are my own and 100% honest.
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