Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Wholegrain Goodness Challenge Day 1

We have completed day one of our Wholegrain Goodness Challenge and we have all had at least one serving of wholegrain.
To be honest, changing the way we eat was not as hard or as challenging as I thought it would be.
Just substituting plain, white options for brown, wholemeal gave us the servings that we needed.
This is how we did...

Wholegrain Goodness Challenge - Day 1


The twins and hubby stuck to their regular breakfast of wheat biscuits and banana.
Joseph kick started his wholegrain day with a bowl of Shreddies!
As for me, I'm naughty and don't have breakfast, just coffee!


Joseph has school dinners so he did miss a serving of wholegrain at lunch.
The twins and I had a lovely lunch of savoury pancakes made with wholemeal flour filled with turkey, tomatoes and cheese! I also had a packet of wholegrain Sunbites!
The hubby, who takes a packed lunch, had his serving of wholegrain with his sandwiches made of homemade wholemeal bread.


The twins didn't have any wholegrain in this meal as they had leftover vegetables from the Sunday dinner.
I cooked a delicious meal of beef steak strips in a creamy wholegrain mustard sauce on a bed of brown wholegrain rice (the recipe will be in the next post!). The wholegrain rice has a lovely nutty taste and I found to be a lot easier to cook. I really do not like cooking white rice as it can often go sticky, whereas the brown rice stayed separated and had a lovely texture! This will be a dish that I will be cooking again!


The twins shared a bag of wholemeal Sunbites as a snack and Joseph also had a bag as an after school snack! Hubby had a snack of my homemade wholemeal cinnamon and 2 honey cake.

Day 1 Results

Twins - 2 wholegrain servings
Joseph - 3 wholegrain servings
Hubby - 3 wholegrain servings
Me - 3 wholegrain servings

We all had our minimum of 1 serving so far so good!
We'll see how today goes.

Disclaimer: The Wholegrain Goodness Challenge is in association with Mumsnet and Wholegrain Goodness. I received a shopping voucher to purchase wholegrain foods but all of the views expressed are my own and 100% honest.
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