Thursday, 16 January 2014

Priddy Books Alphaprints ABC - Review

We are big book fans in our house.

So we immediately knew that we would enjoy reviewing Priddy Books Alphaprints ABC.

As soon as the twins saw this beautiful, bright book they fell in love with it!

It was an instant hit with the twins.

They love looking through the book and looking at the animals as it goes through the alphabet.

Alphaprints ABC is a good sized book for children to sit and look at both on the floor on their own or together with an adult.

I have found that the twins often want to look at the same book. Small sized books often end with them arguing over it. However with this book they are both able to sit and look together. They enjoy pointing and looking at the animals and telling each other what they think in their own little way!

The book has had a lot of use from the twins, it has been knocked about and even chewed and it still looks like new!

It has thick, good quality board pages which have a smooth finish which can be wiped clean after any spillages. As the pages are board there are no chances of them being ripped, folded or damaged. Anyone who has toddlers will know that they are not as gentle with books as they should be so this book is perfect to withstand anything!

The pages have a pure white background which is ideal for toddlers as the writing and pictures are brightly coloured really do stand out. There is not too much going on which makes it easier for them to concentrate on the picture of the animal that goes with the letter.

Each letter of the alphabet is paired with an animal.

The pictures of the animals are fantastic and so imaginative.

The animals are mainly made up with thumb and finger prints which give the children a sensory experience of tough. The finger prints are slightly raised and the twins always run their fingers along the pictures and enjoy feeling the different textures.

Along with the fingerprints are various household, outdoor and food items that are included for the children to find.

At the moment the twins are recognising the items of food but as they grow older and their knowledge increases they will be able to look for the other household and outdoor items such as buttons and leaves.

Their favourites ones to find are the bananas on the walrus and toucan, the carrots on the rhino and the eggs of the newt.

As we read the book I have noticed that the twins are attempting to say a lot more of the animal names. Some of them are tricky for them but they are having a go.

This book is a great way for children to learn the names of different animal and to help them associate the animal with the letter.

When I read to the twins I sound the letters phonetically and I have found that they are also trying to make the sounds.

Thanks to the lovely bright colours this is also a great book for children to learn colours.

This really is a beautiful book which has become a firm favourite to look at and read. The twins never tire of looking at the brightly coloured animals and listening to the alphabet animal rhyme!

This book gets an amazing 5 stars from us and we can see why it is one of's best children's books of 2013!

I sincerely hope that they do more alphaprints books they are a genius yet simple idea that captivates children, we love it!

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Alphaprints book to review. This post has in no way been influenced by Priddy Book and all of the opinions and views are 100% honest!

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