Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Our Perfect Day At Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

We have never been to Center Parcs.
After looking at all of their activities and what they have to offer this is how I imagine our perfect day to be...

This morning we woke up at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest to the sounds of the wind rustling in the trees and the morning birds song!
What a perfect way to wake up.
Today will be our first perfect Center Parcs family day!
Our perfect day did not start with a lie in.
Oh no!
We have early risers and no matter how quiet and tranquil the settings when they want to get up, they are up!
Even on holiday!
We all got up and spent some pyjama time together before the days adventures began.
First of all we settled down at the table for breakfast.
Usually hubby leaves for work before the children have had their breakfast so it is a real treat for us all to sit at the table together and enjoy this first meal of the day.
But we would not have a big breakfast today as we have planned a brunch treat at The Pancake House!
Just as we were going to get ready Joseph noticed that we had a squirrel on the patio. We had left out some monkey nuts the night before. This was the first time that the twins had seen a squirrel and they laughed uncontrollably at the funny little character as he nibbled on the nuts! Joseph quickly ran to get his camera, this was something that he wanted to tell his friends at school about!
Once we were all dressed and ready for the family day ahead we spent some time walking through the beautifully peaceful environment that Center Parcs offers.
I love how there are no cars in the resort to worry about, so the children certainly made the most of having a bit more freedom. Our stroll soon turned into a game as the hubby and I chased and laughed with the three children!
We made our way across to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.
The twins couldn't wait to get into the water and splashed like mad whilst Joseph dashed off to experience Aqua jetting! As for the hubby and I, we treasured seeing the children having new experiences and creating magical memories.

After our swim it was time to go to The Pancake House that lies on the edge of the lake.
The children fuelled up with the Cheesy Rangers, while hubby indulged in the All Day Breakfast and I tried to be good by having the Farmers Omelette.

This set us up for a few more hours of fun!
We took the children down to the waters edge to experience the sand. They have never been to a beach before and feeling the sand squeezing between their toes was a whole new feeling for them. They were no too sure to start with but after they watched their big brother they were soon running around and kicking over the sandcastles that he had made. The sound of all three of them giggling together is one of my favourite sounds, my heart fills with pride!
After our sandy play it was time for Joseph's favourite activity.
A family bike ride!
We hired some bikes so that we could make the most of the safe car free area. We got three bike, one for Joseph, one for hubby and one for me. On the back of the hubby's and mine we had trailers for the twins to sit in. This was a great chance for them to sit back and relax a little as they hadn't stopped from the moment they had got up!
We cycled through the forest, stopping to admire nature at its undisturbed best.
This really is a magical place!
After our bike ride it was time for home!
We ordered a meal to be delivered after all it is my holiday too! The hubby and I had a delicious Indian meal whilst the kids devoured their pizza. The days activities certainly had worked up an appetite!
Then before we knew it the twins were ready for their bath and then bed!
Once they were tucked up in bed it was Joseph's time. We sat on the patio and played a board game and gave him the time that he often misses.
We tucked Joseph up in bed and told him to get plenty of sleep as we will be having another magical day tomorrow!
To finish our perfect day the hubby and I snuggled up with a glass of wine and enjoyed the peace and quiet! We talked about how perfect Center Parcs was and how they had helped to give us a perfect day!
We also sat and planned yet another perfect day, everyday would be a perfect day here!

I could relate to the video "An Adventure With Little Ones".
We love being away so that we can spend quality time together as a family but it is equally important for the hubby and I to have "our" time too once the children are in bed.
Take a look and see why this video inspired me, you might be inspired too!

Photographs have been used from Center Parcs website as we do not have our own of this resort.
This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 January challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Sherwood Forest.

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