Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Chocolate Orange Battenberg Cake

This week I wanted to make a different style of cake.
My hubby loves Battenberg cake so I decided to make him one, however me, being, me had to add a twist!
The traditional Battenberg, in my opinion, is ok but needs a little more flavour.
So I got my baking thinking cap on and decided to mix two of my favourite flavours together.
Chocolate and orange!
This is what I got...
Chocolate Orange Battenberg Cake
175g baking spread
175g caster sugar
175g self raising flour
3 eggs at room temperature
Zest of half an orange
2 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice
75g chocolate, I used Galaxy because I love the creaminess that the chocolate has but you can add your own favourite
1 dspn cocoa powder
3 tbsp orange marmalade
500g white marzipan
Pre heat the oven to 170C (fan)
1 - Mix the spread until it is creamy
2 - Add the caster sugar and mix until light and fluffy
3 - Gradually add the eggs along with a little flour to prevent curdling
4 - Sift in the flour and mix until evenly combined
5 - Once your cake mixture is made weigh the mixture so that you are able to divide equally
6 - Divide the mixture equally into two separate bowls
7 - Heat a pan of water and bring to the boil
8 - Break up the chocolate and place in a glass bowl and place over the boiling water until melted
9 - Add the melted chocolate to one of the bowls of cake mixture and stir in
10 - Add the cocoa, this is mainly to add more of a chocolate colour to the sponge
11 - In the other bowl add the orange zest and juice and mix together
12 - Take either a square or rectangular cake tin and prepare it so that you are able to bake both halves together
13 - Measure a double layer of tin foil that is big enough to line the tin plus an additional 10cms
14 - In the centre of the foil fold in half, this will create the dividing section, fold the foil back to create a 10 cms high foil wall
15 - Line the tin with the foil making sure the foil wall is in the centre of the tin, continue to line each half of the tin with baking paper
16 - Add the two cake mixtures to the tin and place in the pre heated oven and bake or 30 minutes
17 - Once the cake is ready remove from the tin and leave to cool completely
18 - Once cooled trim the edges and cut each cake in half using a ruler to make sure you have four equal pieces
19 - Melt the marmalade over a low heat
20 - Generously dust the worktop with icing sugar to prevent sticking and roll out a piece of marzipan which is slightly bigger than the width of the cake once put together, this will be the base
21 - Brush the base with some of the melted marmalade and place a chocolate piece of cake on one half
22 - Brush some melted marmalade on the middle side of the cake and place a piece of the orange cake by its side, the marmalade will help to keep the pieces together
23 - Brush the top of the two cake pieces with more melted marmalade and place the other two pieces of cake on top to create the chess board design
24 - Roll out the rest of the marzipan, brush the cake with the remaining melted marmalade and cover the cake with the marzipan
25 - Trim the edges and cut off the two ends so that you have a neat finish to the cake
I love how moist the orange cake is and it goes perfectly with the chocolate cake.
This cake is easier to make than it may sound and the results are fantastic!
Enjoy x
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  1. It looks beautiful, I admire you taking the time to make sweets so lovely looking! #tastytuesdays

  2. I love battenberg, but then I love marzipan.

  3. Mouth is seriously watering! I do love a traditionalbattenberg but this looks great!

  4. What a brilliant end result. I just love battenberg! Thanks for the recipe :)


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