Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 Round Up - July - December

The last 6 months of last year were full of great highs but were dominated by a massive low!

Today, is a hard day to write this but I know that it will do me good. It is particularly hard because today would have been my grandads birthday.

I found it hard at new year because I knew that today was coming.

Now that it is here it is not as hard as I thought but I have done a lot of crying and thinking yesterday so I have probably got a lot of it off my chest. But also I have not stopped today, until now.

Here is my round up of the last 6 months of 2013...


July was hubby's birthday. He doesn't mind having his birthday as he is 4 years younger than me and takes great pleasure in reminding me that I am older than him!
In July my little blog was born!
I wanted to start a blog before but when the twins were smaller I simply did not have to time. In July I felt the time was right and set to work. I immediately became addicted to my blog, I instantly loved writing my posts and have gained so much confidence in my writing. I love it and am looking forward to the coming year and challenges. I started off writing about our lives and the children, however I soon realised how much I enjoy writing about my baking and cooking. I found that it is a great way to express the passion that I have for making food for my loved ones.
Joseph broke up from school for the summer holidays. But first he had his sports day and won all of his races! I was so proud!
I knew that the summer holidays would be a challenge for me. Keeping all 3 children occupied and amused certainly kept me busy! We enjoyed many a day out in the garden and at the park.

My little man

School holidays and fun in the park

My little sweet pea

Joseph helping is dad in the garden

My sports day winner!

My blog is born!

August was the hardest month.
As I write this my heart sinks, my eyes well up and I feel a lump in my throat.
In August I spent the last time I will ever be able to with my grandad who we suddenly lost.
This month broke my heart.
He was such a big part of my life and to see him fade away will be something I will never forget. However I am now starting to concentrate on the happy times.
Yes they hurt and make me cry because I miss him but it would be what he would want me to remember. The happy days, the smiles, the quiet moments we had walking down the garden. That is what I will treasure.

My dear grandad and I on my wedding day x


September soon came and it was back to school for Joseph.
In September my oldest baby turned 9!
How can I have a 9 year old?
The last 9 years have flown by and he is growing way too quickly for my liking! I am so proud of how Joseph has coped during this last year. He has gone from being an only child to having not one but two siblings. It must have been hard for him to adapt but he has done it and I am so proud of him!

Birthday boy x

A very naughty chocolate cake

Big eyes!

Passing the time reading


October was a busy month.
We celebrated our twins christening! After everything that had happened over the summer the Christening was something that I really needed. It gave me something to focus on away from my grief and something positive to look forward to.
The Christening was followed by our second holiday in Northumberland. We spent a week discovering new places and revisiting our favourites.
Again my parents came along as did my sister and her family for a couple of days so that we could celebrate my dads birthday.
As the twins were older on they really enjoyed being out and about and found staying somewhere new a real adventure. We all had a great week and certainly did need the break!

The twins were Christened

The twins loved taking a ride on a train
Time with my boy

Exploring a castle with daddy

Finding the spooks at Alnwick Castle


After a busy October we were grateful for a quiet November.
We busied about at home and with the children.
Hubby built in some new shelves and a desk for Joseph and I introduced the twins to baking!


Me and my treasures!

Helping mummy bake some cakes

Wow! December arrived so quickly.
2013 has flown. We got our tree and decorations up, Christmas was nearly here!
This year was to be our first Christmas at home.
We normally either go to my mum and dads or my hubby's. But this year we said that we wanted to stay at home so that the children can be with their toys and we could relax more. So my mother in law came and stayed with us and celebrated with us.
As it was our first Christmas at home, it was also my first Christmas dinner!
I had spent weeks planning and preparing Christmas puddings and cakes ready for the big day.
Thankfully everything went according to plan and we all enjoyed a huge dinner with a lovely bottle of red wine.
We spent Boxing day at my mum and dads. We only live down the road from the, so once it was the twins bedtime we came home and they joined us to watch a film and finish the day off together.
After that it has been non stop!
We even managed a childless lunch date thanks to my mum and dad!
New years eve was spent at my mother in laws. However, thanks to early wake up calls from the twins, we did not see the new year in but was equally proud to have made it to 11pm!

Oh Christmas tree!

Joseph with Santa
Boxing Day meal

Boxing Day meal

A rare childless lunch date

The Christmas week has flown by. Hubby is back at work today and the decorations are down. The house is full of toys but we now have normality back again! As much as I love getting the decorations out I am equally pleased when it's time to pack them away.
Here is to a year that is full of laughs, smiles, quality family time and lots of baking and blogging!!!
Happy new year and thank you for reading my little blog x


  1. oh my how do you cope your so busy and keeping all your brood happy you need a well earned cupper or like you picture some 1 to 1 with your man. some gorgeous pictures of the kids there and lovely stories to match


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