Monday, 16 December 2013

Visiting Santa's Winter Wonderland

We had a lovely day out on Saturday and took the children to see Santa's Winter Wonderland!
Every year a local garden centre creates a beautifully magical winter wonderland for the children to visit Santa.
We were not sure about taking the twins as we did not know what their reaction would be.
We knew that they would be mesmerised by the lights but as they are both very shy we were expecting tears when they saw Father Christmas.
Luckily the garden centre said that it was ok to walk the twins around the winter wonderland without actually going to see Father Christmas.
This year Joseph stills believes so we was extremely excited to see Father Christmas. The closer we got to the garden centre, I too, got excited however as we got to garden centre Taylor fell asleep!
Bless him he was flat out so we left him to sleep!
So unfortunately he missed most of the winter wonderland however Isabella was wide awake and was fascinated by all of the lights, stuffed animals and music! She loved it!
Her face was a picture as she gazed around.

I loved watching Joseph showing his sister the different animals and lights. He is such an attentive big brother!
I will particularly treasure my memories of Joseph's visit this year as I feel that this year may be the last year that he will believe in the magic of Father Christmas. However I do know that even if he doesn't believe anymore he will continue to help us to create the magic for the twins!
He may be growing up, admittedly quicker than I would like, but it was lovely to see him enjoying the winter wonderland and being a child!
Towards the end of the winter wonderland we woke Taylor up so that he didn't miss it all and made our way to the sleigh ride to Santa's grotto!
When it was our turn to see Father Christmas we realised that our double pushchair was too wide to get in! So I took Joseph in while hubby stood at the door with the twins. Isabella did start to get upset when she saw him so it was probably a good job we couldn't get them in!
When Joseph was asked what he would like for Christmas he just said "a surprise!" which I thought was such a lovely answer! So many children create huge lists asking for every single expensive item that they can think of but Joseph has said he'll be happy with a surprise!
After posing for a picture we continued to see the real reindeer while the children munched on their chocolate coins.
The chocolate coin was Taylor's favourite part, bless him!

We had a lovely family day out and really got into the Christmas spirit!

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  1. Aww how lovely! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time x


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