Saturday, 14 December 2013

Visiting Santa

Today we are going to take Joseph to see Santa.
Joseph is now 9 so we think that this year will probably be the last year that he will want to go.
But the big question is do we take the twins?
I really want to, hubby is not so sure.
The twins are quite shy, Isabella more than Taylor. Hubby thinks that they will just scream at him!
I am not too sure.
I think Taylor will be ok but Isabella will probably just snuggle into her daddy.
This year the twins have started to recognise who Father Christmas is and whenever they see our ornament or a picture on television they shout
"Tanta, Tanta"
We are taking Joseph to a local garden centre where they create a winter wonderland with a train ride. It will be the train ride that will be the highlight for the twins.
Another reason why I want to take the twins is that this may be the only year where all 3 children will be visiting.
I could be wrong about Joseph not believing next year but he'll be 10 and kids talk in the playground. We were expecting questions this year but we haven't had them. Which I am happy about.
It is another year for him to enjoy the magic that Christmas creates.
The excitement of leaving out a drink, mince pie, carrot and the magic key. Listening out for footsteps on the roof. Waking up and wondering if he's been!
It is a wonderful time of year for children and I want all 3 of the children to enjoy it for as long as they can.

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