Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Stressful Morning

What has happened to my children?

They have gone from sweet, angelic little children into little devils!!!

Since getting up this morning they have been on a mission to drive me crackers!!!

Before 7:30 Isabella had been in time out twice and Taylor was a teething grump. Then to finish the morning off, while I was getting Taylor ready to go on the school fun Isabella thought it would be fun to empty out all of her clothes and Taylor's pyjamas onto the floor!!!

Give me a break!!!

We have started using the time out technique with the twins. I have started to put one of their chairs behind the lounge door so when they are in time out they are removed from the main area of the room, they are behind the door so they cannot see television or get any toys. I feel that the only way to really make them realise when they are doing wrong is to bore them!

We'll see how it goes.
It worked with Joseph and I think that it will work with Taylor, but little Isabella has a defiant streak so we will see!

Thankfully we had a nice walk to school and on the way home I had some chatting time with friends.
Plus making bread gave me a great way to ease my tension, kneading dough for 10 minutes it a great stress reliever!

The twins are now having their morning nap and I have had some "me" time, I have been enjoying some festive cooking programs and now I may have rethought my turkey ideas!

After lunch it is Joseph's school carol concert so it should be a lovely afternoon with lots of singing and Christmas thoughts.

Fingers crossed the terrible twosome, as they have been named this morning, will have transformed back into my little angels!

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  1. Wow you must have the patients of a saint with twins i hope that the concert was amazing anf that your devils turn to angels soon


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