Monday, 9 December 2013

My Perfect Christmas

When I saw that there was the opportunity to write a post about our perfect Christmas I did not think that it would be a post that I had the strength to write.
This is going to be a hard post to write because I know that I cannot have my perfect Christmas.
The perfect Christmas that we were planning was cruelly stolen from us before we had chance to make it a reality.
My perfect Christmas, my family's perfect Christmas, was going to revolve around a very special person that we knew that we were losing.
My beloved Grandad.
We sadly and suddenly lost 3 him months ago.
I am going to find the strength to write it because it will do me good to get it out of my head!

My Perfect Christmas Day
Santa's Magic Key
My perfect Christmas day would really start on Christmas eve.
I love the magical evening and the excitement of Father Christmas visiting.

In our house it has begun as soon as we prepare Father Christmas' treats and put the magic key out for him. As we do not have a fireplace we have a magic key that the children put out for him so that he can get into our house. We leave him a plate of treats to help him on his journey. He always finishes all of his mince pie, just leaving a few crumbs, the reindeer have a bite of carrot and his glass is always empty!

Once the children are in bed the magic starts, presents appear and it is not only them that go to bed excited.

I do too!

The children's presents under
the Christmas tree
I get so excited and am often quite emotional as I watch their little faces light up as the enter the lounge and see all of their wrapped presents waiting for them.
When we get downstairs the traditional Christmas music comes on and the children's excitement grows as they unwrap their lovingly bought gifts.
The children are not the only ones who get spoilt, I often get spoilt too by hubby.
We try to stick to a budget but neither of us manage it.
For me Christmas morning is a time when we spend quality time together as a family without the distractions of television, emails or the internet.
We devote our time 100% to each other!
After we have enjoyed some breakfast together hubby plays with the children while I go and start to prepare our Christmas dinner.
This year will be the first Christmas day dinner that I have prepared myself.
We will be having a full traditional Christmas dinner of turkey, pigs in blankets, vegetables and cranberry sauce followed by my homemade tipsy Christmas pudding.
After we have enjoyed the feast that I will have lovingly prepared it is time for the children to play before we all settle down and watch a good old Christmas movie!
When the little ones are worn out and tucked up in bed we will have some quality time with Joseph.
We will sit around a board game, listening to Christmas music and snack on party nibbles and just generally enjoying each others company.
Once the big day is over we will be doing it all over again at my parents on boxing day!
The celebrations go on!
This is what we will be doing this year however my perfect Christmas would have been a bit different.
On my perfect Christmas day, after opening our presents at home, we would have been going down to my parents so that I could help my mum to prepare the Christmas feast as my Nanna and Grandad would be there.
We were all going to spend one last Christmas all together.
We would have been there enjoying the day with my parents, hubby's mum, my sister and her family and my Nanna and Grandad.
We were all going to sit down together and have a huge Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, some drinks, delicious puddings, watching the children playing and just spend quality family time together.
All of us!
One last, final time!
It breaks my heart that we will not be having this perfect Christmas day.
Instead I will be visiting my grandad at the crematorium where he is at peace with my other Nanna and Grandad.
I know that he is looking over us and if he could, he would be wagging his finger and telling me off for being upset.
So this Christmas we are going to have a perfect day.
Yes, it is different to what we had planned but I will make it perfect!
It is exactly what grandad would want us to do.
So when we sit to our meal we will have a moment to think about the people that are not with us and raise a toast to them and their memory!
 ”Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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