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Citrus Spiced Tunis Cake

After watching the fabulous Christmas Great British Bake Off Masterclass I knew I had to have a go at quite a few of the bakes.

I loved the look and sound of Mary's Tunis cake but it is not a cake that I would serve at Christmas *Sorry Mary*. For me, it was not a cake that had a lot of the classic Christmas flavours that I love.

So I have used the basic recipe that Mary Berry used but have added orange zest, mixed spice and a spiced chocolate orange ganache.

The original recipe can be found at

This is what I got...

Citrus Spiced Tunis Cake



4 eggs at room temperature
225g caster sugar
225g butter, softened
225g self raising flour
70g ground almonds
Zest of 1 lemon
Zest of 1 orange
1 tspn mixed spice

300mls double cream
400g orange chocolate


Pre heat the oven to 160C

1 - Mix the butter until light and creamy

2 - Add the sugar and mix until the butter and sugar are both creamed together

3 - Gradually add the eggs with a little flour to prevent curdling

4 - Sift in the flour, add the mixed spice and almonds and mix until all the ingredients are evenly combined

5 - Line a high sided cake tin with greaseproof paper making sure that the paper comes above the top of the tin as it will be needed for the ganache

6 - Bake the cake for 1 hour but checking after 45 minutes if the top is browned cover with foil and continue to bake until a knife comes out clean when placed through the centre

7 - Remove the cake from the oven and leave to cool in the tin

8 - Once the cake is cooled, make the ganache by heating the cream until just below boiling point

9 - Remove from the heat and stir in the chocolate then leave to cool

10 - Once cooled pour over the cake and place in the fridge to allow the ganache to set

This cake is more of a dense sponge and the thick layer of ganache compliments it perfectly.
You can decorate it anyway that you like. I drew on lines of white chocolate writing icing and swept a cocktail stick through them to create he ripple effect.
Try this cake on its own or with pouring cream or even ice cream!
Enjoy x

The Christmas Great Bloggers Bake Off is hosted by the lovely Jenny at Mummy Mishaps and the lovely Helen at The Crazy Kitchen

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  1. Kirsty this looks soooooooo good and the decoration is amazing, i also love the fact that you have added your own twist to the recipe. i bet you all enjoyed eating that! mery christmas and thank you for linking up x x


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