Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Eve Eve!!!

Today is Christmas Eve eve!!!
Today I have not stopped, until now!
I have been running around trying to get as many jobs done as I can so that I don't have many to do the rest of the week.
The house has almost been cleaned top to bottom.
Washing is almost up to date.
Baking has almost been done.
I will be done by tomorrow, I'm sure!
But then again what gets done will be done and what doesn't can wait.
Yesterday I had the hard, emotional visit to the crematorium.
Before we even got there I was in bits.
All I could think is that this isn't what we had got planned.
We had a great big family Christmas planned but instead of that I had to visit my grandads ashes.
Anyway I am going to try my best to not get upset.
If he was here he really would tell me off!!!
My jobs that are still on my "to do" list are
  • Bake a streusel
  • Bake mince pies
  • Bake macaroons
  • Bake buns for the kiddies
  • Prepare vegetables
I am sure there is more but that is what is top of the list.
Tomorrow is certainly going to be a baking morning!
Mornings that I love!!!

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy....I still have loads to do!!
    Merry Christmas x


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