Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Childless Lunch Date!

Yesterday the hubby and I enjoyed a rare childless lunch date.

My mum and dad had the three children so that we could have a few hours, just the two of us!
This is something that we do not get very often so when we do we really do treasure the time that we get!

As much as we love and adore our children it is lovely to have a break and be able to devote our time to each other instead of rushing around the kids.

We took the children down to my mum and dads just in time for their mid morning nap and off we set.

We had planned to go to a local pub for a meal as they do the good old bargain meals 2 for £10. However when we got there it was packed so we had to change our plans and we went to Frankie and Benny's.

In fact our local Frankie and Benny's is where my hubby proposed to me so it is quite a special place for us.

Whenever we go there or even just drive past, remembering the night he proposed makes me smile.
We had only been together for 4 months but we both knew that it was meant to be! I found out afterwards that hubby had planed to ask me to marry him while we were enjoying our meal but decided against it when he saw how the lights died down and congratulations music came blaring out for someones birthday. So instead he gave me the most beautiful ring and asked me to marry him in the car park. I couldn't speak I was so overjoyed so I just screamed at him and cried! So since that wonderful night whenever we get some time to ourselves we love to go there to eat.

We enjoyed a lovely, relaxed meal together. We even managed a stroll around the shops afterwards, this really was a treat!

To finish off the day, once all of the children were tucked up in bed, we settled down with some delicious Italian meats, cheeses and a bottle of wine!

I know that it will be a while until we get time together like this again so I treasure the time we do get.

But we do have two more planned for the new year!

In March we are going to the Cake and Bake show! Yes I managed to pursued my hubby to come along with me!

Then in May we will be having our first night away, alone, since the twins were born when we go and see Paul Hollywood's Get Your Bake On show! This really will be a big deal for us! I am really excited to see the show and cannot wait but I am also really looking forward to a full nights sleep and a lie in!

The new year is bringing some times that we will treasure!

My Blipfoto for yesterday is a picture of the hubby and I whilst out and about!

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  1. Awesome stuff. I've got a weekend away planned, child-free, for January and am already a bit over-excited by the prospect!


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