Friday, 6 December 2013

An Eventful Evening

Last night certainly was an eventful evening.
Earlier in the day we had been notified that our village was given a red flood warning, which is a severe flood warning!
This was causing us a lot of concern.
We have only been in our house for a year and it was scary to think that it may flood.
We were advised to take valuables upstairs and to prepare for the worst.
So once the evening came I was keeping a close eye on Facebook and the Floodline for any news what so ever.
News quickly spread that a village on the other side of the river was being evacuated.
As you can imagine, my worry increased.
I worried for our home.
I worried for our children.
I even worried for our chickens!
When we heard that a village 3 miles away on our side of the river was being advised to leave their homes we had a decision to make.
Do we stay and risk it?
Do we go to my mother in laws?
Do we wait a little bit longer?
What should we do?
Our main concern was the children.
We did not want them to be at home if the worst did happen and we did get flooded.
So we made a decision.
We packed a bag with some pyjamas and clothes and got ready to go to my mother in laws, who lives no where near the River Trent.
My mum and dad live just down the road so they came with us too.
We hoped that our visit would only be for a couple hours.
It was a relief to know that the children were away from any potential risk but it was hard being away from home and not knowing what was going on.
All I kept thinking was that it is nearly Christmas and we cannot be out of our home!
Plus we'd left the poor chickens in their coop!
Once we got to my mother in laws we all got another message telling us that the flooding was "imminent" in our village.
This made our hearts sink!
Our homes, our friends homes, the village school!
Then we heard that a village a little further on was flooded as the river had burst its banks.
Thankfully we kept in touch with people in the village so we were getting the odd bit of information.
Then once the risk time was ending we got the telephone call that we had been praying for.
The water had splashed over the bank but it was only the houses that backed onto the river bank that were effected.
Our homes were dry!
We all breathed a huge sigh of relief!
However the villages on the opposite side of the river have not been as lucky.
We, as a village, have been extremely lucky and it certainly was a close call.
I was so pleased to be home last night and felt lucky to wake up in our own bed and in a dry house.
Our home means so much to us and we would have been heart broken if anything happened to it.
The tides are continuing to be high but I have just recieved a telephone call o let us know that we are no longer under the red severe flood alert!
That is a relief!!!

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