Saturday, 23 November 2013

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here again!
The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment.
I do not know where the time is going!
We have, yet another, busy weekend planned.
Today we are having an all round family day.
At the moment I am sat watching Joseph swim. He continues to amaze me by how much he is improving. Normally by the time we arrive for lessons all of the prized front row spaces have been taken so I am usually sat towards the back and unable to see. As Joseph is now in the deep end if you are not at the front you won't see a thing. As hubby and the twins have come with us this morning we were earlier than normal so I managed to get a prime seat and can actually see!!! All of the swimming lessons are finally paid off. Joseph is swimming with so much confidence. Everytime I look at him I can feel a proud mum smile come and my heart fills!
After swimming we will be going over to see hubby's parents and spend a little time there and have lunch.
When we get home I will be getting my bake on!
Today I have planned a lemon and lime crumble cake.
This will be a new bake so fingers crossed it turns out as I imagine it to!
Then it'll be my parents turn. They'll be coming down for their regular Saturday night dinner and drinks. My mum cooks for us on Sundays so Saturday is my turn.
On tonight's menu there will be chicken fajitas and lemon and lime crumble cake for pudding.
As for tomorrow's plans I will be getting our Christmas puddings ready as it is Stir Up Sunday!
I have all of my ingredients, thought about my recipe and got my pudding bowl.
I am ready!
Along with Christmas pudding I'll be baking bread and adding some more tipsy treats to my second lot of Christmas cake fruit that is soaking with more family time thrown in!
This weekend is going to be a mixture of my favourite things. Family time, baking and cooking. This equates to a great weekend!

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