Thursday, 21 November 2013

Trying To Do What's Best

This morning Joseph has made me feel like the worst mum in the world!
What awful act did I do?
I said he couldn't go to school in his onesie!
He made me feel so bad.
Why did I say no?
Because he told me that someone had told him that if he went to school in his Superman onesie some kids would pick on him!
I said no to protect him from that, plus it is really too cold!!
All the way to school he looked on the brink of tears.
When we got to the playground and he saw all of his friends in onesies the tears came!
Not just from him either.
I had to really compose myself and look away from other mums as I too could feel my tears coming.
I felt so bad!
So what did I do?
Yes, I went home and got him his onesie and I took it up to school.
I gave in!
However when I did drop his onesie off I did tell school why I had said no and what Joseph had told me.
The one thing that I want to protect all of my children from, if I can, is bullying.
I was bullied at one of my school which resulted in me moving to a different school.
Being bullied is an awful experience for any child.
I would not wish it on my worst enemy let alone letting my children go through it.
I remember one time sitting in the school office on the phone to my mum telling her to come and collect me because the bullies were coming to get me.
Why was I bullied?
To this day I simply do not know.
I had not, to my knowledge, done anything to any of the girls that made my life hell during that time.
Yes they made my life at that school unbearable but they did not keep me down. I went on to enjoy the rest of my school days and put what they did behind me.
I wonder how they would feel if someone treated any of their children the way they treated me?
Or what they would do if their child was the bully?
They probably do not remember how they made me feel, but I do and I remember who each and every one of them are.
Will I name them?
I am tempted but no, I would not lower myself to their level.
I am better than that and a better person than them!
There I have said my bit, I thought that it was quite fitting as it is Anti Bullying Week.
I will do anything to try and protect my children but seeing Joseph so upset I knew that I could not leave him feeling that way.
I hope he has a great day in his onesie and I can't wait to collect him later and see him smiling and give him a hug!

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