Thursday, 14 November 2013

Time To Relax

What a busy day we have had!
I feel as if I have not stopped all day. That's probably because I haven't!
We took Joseph to school this morning amd went straight out.
Me and the twins have been all over and have had a full day out.
Our first stop was at Tesco to pick up supplies for Christmas cakes and mincemeat. However our shopping did not stop there. I couldn't resist picking up a lovely panettone, Christmas pudding and mince pies! Tomorrow I am going to bake the first lot of Christmas cakes.
My first batch are for my homemade Christmas hampers that we give as gifts.
The fruit has been soaking in sherry since Sunday so should be nice and plump now. The next lot of fruit are having a soaking in a secret spirit. It's a secret as the hubby doesn't know yet! I am doing the next one for him!
We next called off at another shop to stock up on jam jars for my mincemeat.
The twins were fascinated by all of the Christmas lights and decorations that were hung up. I can't wait until we get our house decorated.
They will love it!
To be honest I think we all will!
After we had got everything we made our way over to see my nanna.
This journey always fills me with a heavy heart. My heart always gets pulled when I go because part of me keeps on, even still, expecting to see my grandad and hear him shout out "hello!" In the jovial tone that we all loved and miss so dreadfully much. Everywhere I look, I see him, I find going there so hard. Just when I think I'm ok, it knocks me back a little. But each time it knocks me back I get a little bit stronger. Its the silly little things that set me off. Today it was his shoes and trousers. Another day it will be the garden or his desk. I see him everywhere there and it hurts. If I feel like that after a visit I wonder how my nanna copes as well as she does. Today she gave me two teddies that my grandad had bought for the twins but never got round to giving them. The teddies have been put on a shelf out of their reach. I want them to grow up treasuring those beautiful, soft bears as they were the last thing that their gramps got for them. I know that they will have no memories of what a wonderful gramps he was but they will hear stories from Joseph and they will know him from pictures, as they will my other nanna who we lost 3 days after they were born. I will always tell them how proud he was of them and how much he loved them.
After I pulled myself together and wiped my hidden tears I gave my strong nanna the support that I know she needs. I am still keeping my promise, and always will, I am there for her and I hope she knows that.
As usual the twins kept us busy and kept us all smiling with their little antics. They are becoming such little characters. In the last week Taylor has discovered he can say more words. I love how he is starting to be able to tell me what he wants as opposed to making noises at me. After they tore their whirlwind through the place and had me running ragged it was time to go.
I made an off the spur decision to call into tesco on the way home to do a quick weeks shop. I knew we didn't need a lot as we get fruit and vegetables delivered fresh from a local supplier and it is my butchers trip tomorrow so we only needed a couple of items.
Since we started buying our fruit and vegetables from the local supplier we have had more of a variety of vegetables and often vegetables that I wouldn't buy. So I have enjoyed the challenge of using everything that we get and making new meals around the fresh foods. I have found that by doing this I am also using less and less tinned items, which I love!
So by the time we got home it was school pick up and dinner time.
Today has literally been non stop until all of the children were in bed.
I am shattered but am enjoying having a bit more freedom now that the twins are getting older. I feel so proud of them when we are out and about. They are getting more used to going out just the three of us and are learning that we need a little patience and to work together, which they are getting great at!
My little team x

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