Saturday, 30 November 2013

Thankfully its the Weekend!

Yesterday was just been one of those crazy sorts of days!
The morning started off well.
The twins were behaving and playing nicely and I managed to get on with some jobs.
But after their nap it went downhill!
They woke up in a bad mood and from then on their moods escalated from happy giggles to screaming for no apparent reason.
If they weren't playing nicely they were getting into mischief.
I lost count how many times I had to get Taylor out of the nooks and crannies that he sneaks into to reek havoc!
He has suddenly found that he can throw and he can really launch things.
Poor little Isabella has to keep out of his way when he starts.
Dvds get thrown, cds get thrown even his tractor is thrown. If he can pick it up he has a go at throwing it!
He has also learnt the lovely word which is "no!"
So now that is his response to each and every question!
He really is starting to feel his feet in life and has become the more dominant twin!
But now the weekend has arrived. I have hubby home so I have some help get a little break.
Yet again we have another busy weekend.
Today, after Joseph has been swimming, we are going to my mother in laws as my sister and brother in law are visiting so we are going to see them for a bit and exchange Christmas presents.
I still can't believe that it is December tomorrow!
To celebrate the beginning of advent we are going to decorate the house and visit a local garden centre's Christmas wonderland.
It is fantastic.
We try to go there every year as the lights and decorations are so pretty and this year we just know that the twins will love it as well as Joseph!
This year we are not going dare put up our usual Christmas tree. I don't think it would last 5 minutes up. I can see the twins having it over. So we are going to have a lot of ceiling decorations and tinsel high up where no little hands can get hold of it! I am also wanting to have a go at some Christmas creative play with them during the run up to Christmas. After our baking fun I think that they will enjoy having a go.
I am getting excited for Christmas already.
The twins are going to be so much more aware of their presents and what is going on around them.
This year will be the start of their Christmas magic which they will treasure for years!

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