Saturday, 30 November 2013

No Telephones or Internet AGAIN!!!

It doesn't feel like 5 minutes ago I was writing a similar post about not having telephones or broardband.
Unfortunately I am writing about it again!
Yes, the cables have been stolen again.
This is now the 6th time in the last 2 years.
We are obviously living in a hot spot for theft.
I am assuming this is because we live in the country but now it is getting ridiculous!
Apparently BT were making the cables more secure so that thieves were not going to be able to even access them.
Obviously this hasn't worked!
It costs them umpteen thousand pounds to replace every time this happens which inevitability will mean price increases so why do they not secure them better?
Surely if alarms are fitted it would act as more of a deterrent?
Or are the thieves just too smart for them?
Whatever it is something needs doing to prevent this theft.
I moan about not having the internet but I have my mobile phone.
What about the older generation that may not have a mobile phone and who rely on their land line.
One day, God forbid, the thefts could cost a life.
If someone needed the emergency services at the moment and had no mobile telephone they really would be helpless.
It is the most vulnerable that are at risk.
We rely so much on telephones and internet it is only when we haven't got it we realise how much we use it.
So if I do go quiet you know why.
We are supposedly going to have our connection back tomorrow but I won't hold my breath!
In the past we have been off for as long as 2 weeks!
At the moment I am enjoying free wifi at the swimming pool while Joseph swims. My enjoyment of being connected will continue at my mother in laws too!!!
Then it will be back to being cut off.
Secretly I think hubby is enjoying it as he says he often feels like a blogger/twitter/social media widower!
So tonight he will have my undivided attention.
This is something which I know I need to do more often!
Homemade pizza, maybe some cheese and wine, a film and snuggling up on the settee sounds like a good plan.
Just the two of us!
Can't wait x

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