Sunday, 10 November 2013

No More Hospital Visits!

After all my nerves on Thursday and Friday I am so relieved that I can finally say that the twins have both been discharged from hospital!
As you can imagine this has lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders.
We both knew that there was nothing wrong with either of them but we just wanted the doctors to see and acknowledge that.
As always we had the tears when it came to their weighing and measuring but as soon as they were back in the waiting room they both trotted off to the toys to play.
They did well when we had to see the consultant, they were very quiet but they did not get as distressed as they have done on previous visits.
After we answered various questions from the consultant about their development we heard the words that we have been waiting to hear
"I am happy to discharge them both if you are!"
Of course we were happy, we were ecstatic!!!
We have had the best care from the paediatric team and if we had any concerns what so ever I know that they would have kept an eye on them.
Luckily this is not the case!
We celebrated the fantastic news by having a quick drink to toast their health with my parents and then went home and enjoyed a lovely meal and bottle of wine.
I always feel proud of all three of my children but on Friday I felt especially proud of my two little twins x


  1. Aww that is fantastic news! I'm so pleased for you and your family x

  2. Thank you x I can't describe the relief we felt! A weight has been lifted :-)


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