Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Letting Go

As the twins have grown I have clung on to every single baby item and the majority of their clothes.
As you can imagine this is starting to take up a lot of room.
2 times everything!
Why have I kept so many items?
I kept them just in case we had any more babies.
I wasn't ready to say that's it, no more.
But now, I think I am!
I have started advertising items for sale, this is me starting to let go.
I love being pregnant, feeling the baby/babies grow inside of my belly, feeling them move, birth, I loved it all! I didn't want to think that I would never feel that again.
My babies are looking less and less like babies. They are loosing the babiness in them and are growing.
But I am happy and content with what we have got.
My hubby asked me a very good question once. He said
"What could another baby give us that the three we already have can't?"
My answer to that is nothing!
We have everything, we have our boys, we have our little lady, we are starting to get more freedom!
Now that the twins are older we are able to do and enjoy so much more.
It was hard to when they were smaller as I was breastfeeding and going out was such a mammoth task, taking everything that we needed, planning outings around feed times and breast pumping times, it was manic!
I love giving my time to the children and if we had any more I would need to divide my time even further.
So that is why I am clearing stuff out and selling as much as we can.
We don't need it and won't be needing it either. It feels good to be having a clear out and de-clutter.

So now, I can happily say that our family is complete.
With my hubby and children, my life, too, is complete x

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