Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Honey Pear Cake

I often like to choose my bakes depending what I have that needs using in my kitchen.
Last week I had a lot of pears that needed using.
I often make a spiced pear cake which we love but this time I wanted to try a new cake.
After the success of my heather honey cake I decided to try a heather honey and pear cake.
I have used some lovely heather honey, that we bought on holiday from a honey farm, but you can use any honey that you like. But if you can get some heather honey I really do recommend getting some. It is so much more tastier that regular honey!
Here is what I got...
Honey Pear Cake
150g baking spread or butter
150g light muscovado sugar
3 eggs at room temperature
175g self raising flour
150g pear, peeled and chopped
1dspn flour & 1tspn cinnamon to coat the pear
2tbsp heather honey
1 - Heat the oven to 180C
2 - Mix together the baking spread and sugar until light and creamy
3 - Gradually add the eggs along with a little flour to prevent curdling
4 - Cover the chopped pear with the flour and cinnamon mix
5 - Add the fruit and sift in the flour and mix until evenly combined
6 - Place the mixture in a greased cake in and put in the pre heated oven for 1 hour. After 40 minutes cover the cake with some foil to prevent the top from burning and continue to bake until a knife comes out clean after being put through the centre of the cake
7 - Leave to cool in the tin for about 10 minutes then remove from the tin and cool on a cooling rack
The added honey makes the cake really moist and when eaten warm it is a great pudding accompanied with either fresh custard or vanilla ice cream.
Then again, it is delicious all on it own too!

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