Thursday, 28 November 2013

Baking Fun with the Twins - KitchenCraft Let's Make Starter Baking Set Review

Yesterday the twins had their first baking experience!
They loved getting involved and having a go!
We recieved a surprise package of some children's baking utensils so it gave me the perfect excuse to bake some cakes with my little helpers.
Not that I really need an excuse!
We used the fantastic Kitchen Craft Let's Make Starter Baking Set.
The set provides little bakers with everything that they need to make their very own cakes.
As I told the twins they were just like mummy's!
The set includes
* 3 different silicone moulds
* spatula
* spoon
* 4 shaped cookie cutters
* mini whisk
* mini rolling pin
As the twins are not yet 2 the whisk and rolling pin have been put away until they are a little bit older but they loved playing with the spoon, spatula and silicone moulds.
As the set incudes both a spatula and a spoon there were no arguments over who got to stir as they had one each!
The moulds kept the twins happy whilst I made the cake mixture. They were fascinated by how they could bend them about. The silicone moulds are great for baking with children as they are so flexible and if dropped they have no weight in them so cause no injuries! They are also easy to pop the baked cakes out once cooled!
Once the mixture was made I took the bowl over to the twins to have a stir.
After showing them how to mix there was no stopping them. They thought it was great fun and said over and over "mix, mix".
After a lot of stirring and mixing it was time to put the mixture in the child sized silicone moulds.
If I am honest I thought that they might have been a bit too young to manage it.
How wrong was I!
Isabella only needed showing a couple of times before she too wanted to try. Whereas Taylor wanted to get his fingers straight it and squelched the cake mixture between his fingers!
The twins enjoyed our baking fun so much more than I thought they would.
For me, it was lovely spending time enjoying something which I am quite passionate about and seeing the twins getting enjoyment from it too!
I can see that as they grow they will want to help me more in the kitchen. After our first baking afternoon I cannot wait until our next!
The Kitchen Craft Let's Make Starter Baking Set is the ideal children's baking set from little beginners, like my twins, or bigger children who love to bake. The utensils were the perfect size and weight for the twins to manage. The silicone mould make perfect mini cakes or loaves just like what mummy makes!
Our next baking task will have to be biscuits! The cookie cutters in this pack are great for even the littlest hands! With them being made of plastic there are no sharp edges which make them safe for the children to use.
All 3 of us had fun and thoroughly enjoyed eating what we had baked!
Everything that a little baker will need

The twins get stuck in!

Taylor getting his hands in!

Isabella putting the cake mixture into the cupcake mould

Our finish cakes and mini loaf of bread

Disclaimer: Tesco very generously sent us the KitchenCraft Let's Make Starter Baking Set. Thank you!
This post has not been influenced in anyway and the review is my honest opinion.

The KitchenCraft set can be seen and purchased at Tesco Direct

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  1. This is so sweet! I too love baking with the little ones - they enjoy it so much. Especially when they get to eat what they've made. I would like to give this recipe a try sometime.


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