Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Christening Day Is Here

The twins big day has arrived!
Today they are getting Christened.
Today is going to be such a busy day so whilst the hubby is still in bed I thought I'd get a quick post written.
I have got so many jobs to do this morning, the majority being food related which I love. I have got the christening buns to ice, salad to prepare, potatoes to cook and bread to make for pack ups next week for hubby and Joseph.
Then there are also clothes to iron, children to get ready as well as myself to get ready!
Oh just thinking of what needs to be done this morning my stomach is starting to do turns.
I am actually feeling nervous now.
I know that everything will be done. My mum and mother in law are helping with the buffet and my mother in law is coming over early to help look after the kiddies while I get my jobs done.
I think my excitement has turned to nerves because today means so much to me and I just want the day to run perfectly.
Unfortunately we have woken up to a wet dreary day so we won't be walking to church, but that's not important.
I am a bit worried about the twins reaction to it all. There is going to be quite a few people there. We have only invited family so there won't be unknown people apart from the vicar!
As I posted on my 5 Things post, I need to stop stressing and enjoy the day!
On that note I'm going to stop rambling on now and get the kiddies fed so I can get my catering head on!
Have a lovely Sunday x


  1. I hope you and the twins and the rest of the family have a lovely day. I also hope the sun comes out , if only for the photos! Wishing you all the best!

  2. Thanks Lucy, we had a lovely day. Just waiting for the pictures but I'll be writing about their beautiful day later x


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