Monday, 28 October 2013

So tired!

What an exhausting day!
My tiredness, unfortunately, is not down to getting caught up on all my housework and post holiday laundry.
My tiredness is all down to having a poorly boy!
On Friday night Taylor had a really high temperature. We dosed him up with good old Calpol and put him to bed. When we got up on Saturday morning he had developed a nasty rash on his front and a bit on his back. He was a more clingy than normal but he was getting on with it.
Come Sunday the rash was even more prominent and red. We rang nhs direct who told us that it didn't sound like anything to worry about and to continue as we were with Calpol.
When we got up this morning it was still there and had progressed onto his arms and legs so I got him an appointment to be checked out.
Thankfully everything was well with the doctor's checks. His chest, ears, throat and temperature are all normal so they have put the rash down to a viral infection.
He is ok as long as he is dosed up with medicine but has been more clingy and cuddly. At one point he wouldn't let me out of his sight. The second I left the room he screamed for me. Bless him, he must be so frustrated not being able to tell me what's wrong and how he is feeling.
I find days when little ones are poorly so exhausting. I just want to see his happy little face and hear him giggle as he runs around driving me crackers with his climbing.
Hopefully he'll be feeling more himself tomorrow. I just pray that little Isabella doesn't come down with it next or Joseph.
I've got a couple of recipes to post this week. Over the weekend I made a delicious heather honey cake which I am dying to share. I've also made an easy peesy delicious salmon dinner tonight that is not only yummy but also easy and quick to make!
I've got a lot planned and can't wait to start!
But first of all I'm having an early night so I'm ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.


  1. Awww no! There is nothing worse than one sick child in the family, because it usually follows that the others will get sick too. Hope Taylor feels better today and has kept his bug to himself xx

  2. Thankfully he's a lot more himself and the rash has calmed down. Luckily, fingers crossed, it looks like the other two have missd the bug :-) x


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