Saturday, 26 October 2013

Home Time

Yesterday it was our time to return home and back to reality.
I do love being away but I also love coming home. The first night back in our own beds is always bliss!
We treated ourselves to a brunch before leaving Northumberland. We stopped off at our new favorite farm shop The Sunnyhills Farm Shop. We had a delicious full English breakfast. I even tried black pudding for the first time and loved it! We brought back some of their sausages and pies home they are that good! We've said that from now on we are going to make it a tradition to stop off there on our way home for a breakfast.
As we left Northumberland it was absolutely pouring with rain so we were lucky it was our last day. We had a good steady ride home.
As soon as we got home I went to check on my chickens! This is the first time that we have left them and I was amazed by how much I have actually missed them. I'm sure, in their own way, they were pleased to see me as they just stood next to my feet waiting to be stroked!
So now it is back to normality and routine. For once I have not missed my treasured routine. We had a lovely holiday and I am going to start looking for our next as soon as I can.
First things first, this morning it is Joseph's swimming lesson. When we get home I will be dying to get into the kitchen to bake. I have missed baking and being in my kitchen. Today I am going to be baking my porkie picnic pie for Great Bloggers Bake Off and a yummy honey cake using some heather honey that we bought from Chain Bridge Honey Farm.
So a busy baking day and baking posts to come!
There are plus sides of being home!

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