Monday, 21 October 2013

Family Holiday - Day 4 Choo Choo!

Today we went to Ford and Etal.
In Ford is the Heatherslaw railway which we knew the twins would be excited about. They are both huge Thomas fans and choo choo like mad whenever it is on. At the Heatherslaw railway they even have a steam train which has been painted in Thomas colours.
As soon as the twins saw the train they choo choo'd over and over again. They were in their element!
We took the train to Etal and went to explore the castle ruins.
We decided to go out without the pushchair today after yesterday's success with the safety reins. Plus the fact that the twins slept all night after all of their walking. They did so well again and loved walking through the leaves and long grass. They then discovered puddles! Splashing in muddy puddles! It was great to see their little smiles as they heard the water splish, splash,  splosh!
We also visited Heatherslaw Corn Mill which is working mill. I have bought some wholemeal and spelt flour which I am excited to get home and bake some delicious bread with.
We have finished the day off with some me and hubby time as Joseph has gone to spend the night in his nanna and grandads caravan. We are currently catching up with Homeland!
Tomorrow, weather depending, we will be going to either Berwick barracks as requested by Joseph or Alnwick castle and gardens.
I have got to say that I am really enjoying this holiday. I think I am enjoying it more because I can see how much the children are getting from it and watching them discover new life experiences. Plus having the hubby with us for the week without the stresses of work is an added bonus!
But the week is flying by and I just wish it would slow down at bit.

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