Sunday, 20 October 2013

Family Holiday - Day 3 Hard Working Honey Bees

Today we visited Chain Bridge Honey Farm near Berwick Upon Tweed.
We spent a lovely hour there looking around the visitors centre, honey gift shop and at the vintage tractors.
The twins loved being able to walk.
We put on their safety reins and let them explore!
They thought that their new found freedom was fantastic. They had their wellies on and enjoyed being able to stomp along!
Taylor discovered that if he stomped on different leaves he got  different sounds. The wet ones squelched and the dry one crunched.
I appreciate having these little moments with the children. Normally life is so hectic so I feel lucky whenever we do get chance to spend quality time with them, together as a family.
We treated ourselves to a couple of jars of honey, one being a heather honey which I am already thinking about what I can bake using it. First thing will definitely be a heather honey cake, then maybe a honey loaf of bread!
We had a lovely time here and were amazed that there was no admission fee, it was all free!
After the honey farm we had a car picnic and a walk around before returning back to the caravan. 
We have finished the day with a Sunday roast that my mum and I managed to cook between us.
After all of the twins walking about they were well and truly ready for bed. Taylor crashed out half way through his milk and Isabella was not far behind. Next it'll be Joseph's bed time shortly followed by us I'm sure!
Looking forward to another day full of more special moments.

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