Saturday, 19 October 2013

Family Holiday - Day 2 Not The Best Start!

Well our first night wasn't the best start to our holiday.
When we checked in and went to our caravan it was freezing and the only heating was a gas fire which had no fire guard so we couldn't put it on because of the twins. Thankfully it had a gas cooker so we put on the back two rings and hoped it would warm up.
Once it warmed up we got the twins to bed and settled down to watch a dvd but guess what.... the dvd didn't work!
So we decided to have an early night.
We got settled down and then the rain started.  It wasn't just a shower, it poured down. Then the wind got up and the tree branches bashed on the roof.
That couldn't be helped but then the people in the caravan got home!
Then began the shouting,  the music, the revving of cars and the drunken antics! This went on until 5am.
Come morning I had a tired hubby and parents that were ready for home!
This was not a great start to our holiday.
Thankfully the staff were so helpful and after I complained they moved us to a different part of the complex. The part that we are now in is so peaceful and we have even got a better caravan with heating!
Once we were settled in we got ready to go out.  We have all enjoyed a fantastic meal out to celebrate my dad's birthday.  It was lovely and we celebrated in style!
Now it is time for us to have some family time and a relaxing evening.
Hopefully we'll have a better nights sleep tonight so we are ready to see what we can find to explore tomorrow.

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