Friday, 18 October 2013

Family Holiday - Day 1 We're On Our Way!

We are on our way!
At the moment we are having the first toilet stop for Joseph! So while they have gone into the services I thought I'd use the time to blog!
After a stressful morning getting packed up and cake decorating I can finally relax a bit. Today is my dad's 60th birthday and they are coming away with us for the week. It was only yesterday afternoon that I realised he hadn't got a cake for today! So I quickly baked a vanilla sponge last night and decorated it this morning. I literally had to look at what I had got and make do.  Thankfully I had some royal icing for the top and I piped butter cream around the side. I embossed happy birthday on the top and some stars. I then coloured some royal icing as my coloured one had dried out and placed a 60 on the top! Hopefully he'll be happy with the results. Nothing fancy just a yummy cake!
The car is literally packed to the top. Nothing more will fit. About half and hour later than planned we got set off. It took exactly 20 minutes until we got the dreaded journey question that drives all parents crackers
"Are we nearly there yet?"
Then 20 minutes after that one we got
"I need the toilet! "
So that's where we are now.
Well they're back now and with a yummy Costa Coffee so on we plod a bit further.

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