Saturday, 5 October 2013

At Last A Good Night!

At last a full nights sleep!
I have got to say, the twins have more than redeemed themselves. They not only slept all night, they also slept in until 7am!
That never happens!
I couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock.
Today we have got a few things to do but not much.
At the moment I am watching Joseph swimming!
Yes I am multi tasking!
I am watching and blogging. Admittedly, normally, I just blog but this week Joseph has moved from the intermediate group into the advanced group. I can see a huge improvement in his swimming. He is doing so well and I am sat here grinning with pride!
After swimming I am going to do a spot of scrumping! I am making some fresh strawberry and plum jam this morning. I have the strawberries but need to get some plums. Luckily my parents have an abundance of plums in their orchard!
We are also having a visit from the Reverend who will be Christening the twins next weekend. I cannot believe how quick it has come round. I never did manage to get the invitations done after all. So, as it is only family that are coming, I sent everyone a message as an invite. Money saved there! My job this week will be organising the catering. We are going to do the catering between both mums and myself. A light buffet of sandwiches, sausage rolls, salad and cakes won't cost too much. Just writing this, I can feel myself getting excited, it is going to be a lovely special day!
This afternoon my challenge is going to be making my first suet pudding. Hubby has requested a jam roly poly. Hence why I am making some fresh jam this morning!
I an looking forward to our regular Saturday night with my parents, who get home from their holiday today. I am very close to my parents and miss them a lot when they go away!
This is our plan for the day, along with play time with the kids and the odd house and garden job for good measure!
Happy weekend everyone!

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