Friday, 4 October 2013

A Very Long Night!

I have finally stopped!
I haven't wanted to stop today just in case I would crash.
Last night was the worst night in a long time.
The twins started at 11pm and were unsettled for the night. If it wasn't one it was the other! Our little tag team were a force that beat us both last night!
We saw every single hour apart from 5am!
So today, as I always do when tired, I have not stopped!
I have twin proofed the living room a bit more. I have taken away the play table. It has never been a play table for the twins. It has always been more of a climbing frame. So it has gone!
The DVD shelf in the corner is now the twins book shelf!
Now you see why "Hijacked by Twins" is so appropriate!
They have taken over!!!
I have also had fun decorating some yummy purple buns that I have baked as well as ironing, hovering, washing, playing, feeding and school run!
It is now that I have dared to actually stop.
Hubby will be home soon and then it'll be wine o'clock which I am ready for!
As it is Friday it is our date night!
Film, wine, cheese and some time out from being mum and dad.
As long as the kids sleep that is!
Here's hoping we have a better night tonight!

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