Thursday, 3 October 2013

5 Things

When I was asked if I would like to take part in Mumof2's "5 Things" I thought what a great idea!
As this is my first post for "5 Things" I thought what better place to start than with 5 people and things I love!
It is also a good little introduction for any new readers and a lovely reminder for those who aren't x

1 - My hubby!

He is my rock, my lover, my best friend, my everything! Until I met my hubby I was beginning to wonder if I was destined for a life on my own. After a run of disastrous relationships I was ready to just give up, but along came my hubby and changed everything. We had a whirl wind romance! We were engaged after 4 months, married after 10 months and parents after 20 months! Everything just felt right. I had finally found the special person that made me feel complete x

2 - My Joseph

I have a lot to be thankful for. Joseph's arrival changed my whole life! When I had Joseph I was living abroad and was a bit of a wild child! I did what I wanted to because I could, I was living my life and doing exactly what I wanted to and when I wanted to! But the second that I discovered I was pregnant that all stopped. My focus was no longer me, my focus was on my baby. Joseph settled me down and brought me back home to England and my family. Joseph is growing so quickly. I cannot believe that he is 9. He is a great big brother and has adapted and coped so well with the arrival of the twins. Believe me he has his moments but he is fab! x

3 - My Isabella
My little lady! She just makes me beam with joy! Not a day goes by where she hasn't made me giggle at some point. She is such a little character and such a chatterbox already. I love how I can ask her questions and I get a response from her. When I was pregnant, before we knew what we were going to have, I prayed that there was a little girl in there! I cannot wait to be able to do girlie things with her. I am so pleased that there is a bit more feminine input in our family. She is my beautiful little angel and I am forever thankful for her arrival! x

4 - My Taylor

My youngest, by 1 minute! He certainly is a mummy's boy. He is such a sweet, beautiful boy who is absolutely full of beans! He rarely stops during the day, he trots back and forth, regularly climbs but will always give pause to have a cuddle with mummy! He is just starting to come out of himself. We are starting to get more words out him and I think we are going to have our hands full with him. He has such a cheeky grin that melts your heart. As with the other 2 I am extremely thankful for my little man! x

5 - My Kenwood Mixer

Ok, this may seem like a strange one, but it is thanks to my Kenwood mixer that I have discovered my passion for baking! Along with my family my other big love is baking and creating new bakes. I love to bake cakes and even bake all of my own bread. It was when hubby got me the mixer that it all began. My waist line may not appreciate all of the cakes and breads that I bake but my family does, so that makes up for the extra pounds!

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