Monday, 9 September 2013

Worrying Sunday in A&E

What started off as a lovely, relaxing Sunday ended in a worrying afternoon sat in A&E with hubby!
We were busying around as we usually do on a Sunday. I usually bake while hubby gets some gardening done and yesterday started off just like that.
Hubby's job yesterday was to trim the hedge in the garden. To reach the top of the hedge he was using my Dad's step ladders.
All of a sudden I could hear Joseph scream and cry so I rushed to the door expecting to see Joseph with a bump or a graze.
But no. It was hubby!
He had his t-shirt held up to his eye and I could see that it was covered in blood! He rushed past me and went straight up to the bathroom. I ran after him asking him what he had done.
I followed him into the bathroom as he was starting to wash his eye and there was blood everywhere. When he finally let me have a look I saw that he had a huge, deep gash under his eye. After quizzing him what had happened, I discovered that the platform had given way and he fell through. Joseph was upset because he had seen him fall and had seen him bleeding. Bless him, he was so upset and worried.
Part of me breathed a sigh of relief as I had immediately thought the worse, I thought that he had got something actually his eye. I could see that it was deep so I told him that we would should take a ride to A&E as he'd need a stitch in it. As soon as I had said that hubby blew his nose to get rid of some blood and as he did his eye blew up like a balloon!
What caused that!
Normally I am not good with blood and my tummy turns circles. Yesterday I just went into auto pilot. Got the kids sorted to go to my Mums, calmed Joseph down and got ready to go.
We arrived at A&E, got booked in and the wait began.
In total we were there for nearly 6 hours!
Checked by the triage nurse, sent to wait.
Checked by the doctor, sent to wait.
Went for an x-ray, sent back to wait.
After what seemed like an eternity of waiting the doctor came to see us and we were told that hubby had fractured his cheek bone and had an open fracture. The swelling that occurred after he had blown his nose was in fact blood which had caused a haematoma under his eye. This haematoma had also cause blood to accumulate on his eye ball, which as hubby says "looks freaky!". We now had to wait to see if the specialist in another hospital was happy for him to come home with antibiotics and pain killers or if he wanted him to be transferred to the other hospital which is a good 45 minutes away. So back to waiting it was!
Thankfully the reply that we got was what we were praying for. Hubby could come home with medication.
When we got home the children were so tired as it was way past their bedtime but they were doing so well. We got them both to bed and then gave Joseph plenty of love and reassured him that his Dad was going to be ok.
We need to go back for a check up on Tuesday which should hopefully be a straight forward appointment.
This week I am not only Mum and housewife, but I am also adding nurse to my repertoire!
Hubby has woken up this morning with more swelling around his face as the bruising is coming out. He also has various bruises down his side. He is also trying to cope seeing with the one eye as he is unable to see properly due to the swelling and haematoma. As he is struggling to chew food I have made a yummy smelling "make you feel better" soup.
This is going to be a busy week so hopefully after all of my hard work I will be rewarded with a much deserved lie in at the weekend!
Hint, hint!!!

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